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Panhard Bar Brace?

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Is there any real benefit to upgrading the OE brace? I see that there are several companies making braces ranging from about $65 to $130.

If anyone has any experience with these, I would appreciate some feedback. Thank you!


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The only time I've seen that it's necessary to replace the stock brace is when some long tube headers or aftermarket mid-pipes are used. The reason to switch is for exhaust over-axle pipe clearance, not any handling benefit.
Thank you for the info, ArizonaGT.

I think that it is probably pointless to change out the brace. I will just point out the marketing of companies such as Steeda who recommend it for increases stiffness and don't actually mention doing it for exhaust clearance:
byronj said:
wouldnt you want to replace it when you lower your car to put the axle back in the correct position?

That would be related to the panhard bar, not the brace itself.
This is a good topic by the way!
Good to know that no one has noticed any difference with a new brace (apart from clearance)!
I (rather foolishly) ordered a brace last night. It is made by Drake and was cheap enough to where it's worth a try ($70). Plus, it's super easy to install. I will probably end up going with a Watts link eventually, but I am trying not to bite that bullet just yet.

I am still curious about people's experiences with them. Seems like there has been some talk about them on the GT500 forums over at SVTPerformance.


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Well I will say when I am under the car I can pull down on the stock one causing it to flex. So I would imagine while you might not feel a difference it would help keep the geometry just a little bit more in line where its supposed to be under heavy load. probably wont notice it with the factory marsh mellow bushings but would with say spherical rod ends. this of coarse is all bench racing on my part as I dont have it. I do plan on getting one though cause its a cheap mod and I could use the extra clearance for the MF cat back I have.
I hear ya, Justin. Every time I crawl underneath to install something, I realize what a flimsy piece the brace is. I already have P springs, Steeda billet spherical LCAs, Whiteline relo brackets, J&M adjustable phb, and am installing a Whiteline UCA this weekend. I figure that reducing any flex in in the rear suspension is probably for the best.


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Personally I think it is a good idea....Like mentioned here, the stock panhard bar mounts do flex as does the bar itself, not what I would consider a road race or even heavy duty street part. Like the author, I to plan to install the brace and ither a HD PH bar or the whiteline watts bar set-up. I really like the watts bar, so probally lean that direction, plus I can get them for well under listed price. The nice thing about that set-up is the fact that the rear end is controled by two HD bars instead of one, and the fact that while the suspension does it's travel, the rear housing does not move from side to side as much as with a panhard bar set-up. In fact, it moves less then half the normal deflection.
I have a complete corner of my shop filled with new parts for the boss, everything from new rear wing, front spoiler, fog lights to a new DBA rotor set-up. I'll diffnitly add the brace, and probally go ahead with the watts linkage while I'm doing the rest.

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