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panhard bar issue

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Well I changed out the rear suspension today,upper,lower control arms,relocation brackets but the panhard bar[J&M aluminum] I got from american muscle was about 2"
short with both ends open as far as possible,did I do something wrong or maybe they sent me the wrong year part....2013 boss302 they are closed today so I can't call them....Ron
Got any photos? Or maybe they sent you the wrong panhard bar. Double check the part number with their website.
Hey Chefron - I think that you can have someone push on the passenger side rear fender (pushing horizontally, not pushing down). This should relocate the chassis to the correct position over the axle.
the factory one went right back on,the J&M was just about 2" short,so I'm driving with the oem until I could get ahold of am. muscle on monday.
That's crazy! What a hassle but thankfully changing out the bar isn't too time consuming. Good luck with AM - I just saw you have the alloy one - I have the J&M steel one and it's a great piece, I think it's more solid and better made than than the more expensive and well known brand one I had on my old car.
Well I checked the part number,which was only on the box and that is right, I'll give them a call monday,just hate driving knowing my wheels are out of ailiment
Got curious and pulled the oem one back off,the J&M was about 1.5" to short and that is with the ends all the way out so I must of got a wrong part in the right box....Ron

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