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Plastidipped my rims and emblems on my GB

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Although the Boss rims are some of my favorite stock rims of all time, I never liked the machine lip and gloss finish in contrast with the matte black stripes.

I've seen others Plastidip their rims and thought about doing mine since I bought my car but was hesitant until I saw a member here do it to his PW Boss.

Was going to do it myself with spray cans, but I found Texas Dipped out of San Antonio that would could do it with a spray. Nice young guys working out of their garage as they try to get a shop opened. They did a great job.

I also decided to do the grill emblem and faux gas caps. It's weird, but it feels like a different car. It's a good compromise until I can figure out what rims I want to go with.

Would have cost me about $30 to do it myself and several hours of my time. I paid $150, 3 hours and 6 month warranty and the did the emblems no charge. Which was nice.

For the record, the finish on the rims is very smooth and not textured like a lot of people have stated. The emblems have a little more texture, probably because of how it took to the plastic.






Looks good, my red rims are starting to get bother me, cannot keep them clean. They collect all of the brake dust, even on a short cruise.

Yeah, it's a pain. Have you changed pads yet? When I changed pads on my Shelby, made all of the difference.

Curious to see how the matte black holds up to the dust. You can Plasti Dip your rims, not permanent. Can peel off.

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