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Please Welcome BMR Suspension as TMO's Newest Vendor

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You may have noticed their ad on the TMO pages for the past week and I'd like to welcome BMR as TMO's newest vendor. Many already know Kelly Aiken @BMRTech from both the TMO forum and TMO FB page. BMR is making some great TrackMustang products and they have many new products in the works. Like the front lower control arm (FLCA) in the image below. Kelly can comment on the development phase of this product.

At TMO we are very selective with our vendor lineup and you won't see fluff vendors here like you might find elsewhere. It's important that our vendors add value for our members with quality products and exemplary service and BMR will help you get the most out of your TrackMustang!

BMR Suspension.png


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
BMR have done a great job of continuously improving their offerings and also listening to and filling customer demand, on top of being generally nice people. I have a few select pieces (lightweight radiator support, UCA mount, UCA diff bushing) on my race car and have been very happy with the benefits.
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Kelly is a great guy. I've called and spoke with him on a couple of occasions when I had questions. He is always willing to help and he really values feedback.


Phoenix, Az
If they have a solid, durable LCA system with good bushings. I am a buyer.

I've been running their spherical bearing LCA's and beating the snot out of them. Love them. For street driven cars they have a hybrid poly/spherical model that I think is the hot ticket between bind-free performance and NVH.

Also should note: My car is pictured in their ad, but they don't pay me to run their parts; I've bought them all the same as anyone else. However the support they've given me is above and beyond many of the peers in this crowded market, and at the end of the year last year I was compelled to ship them a trophy from the season for Kelly and his team's assistance in my racing efforts, whether that be setup advice, service parts or recommendations on parts selection and helping me ensure I had what I needed to be "First on Race Day".

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
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Blair, Nebraska
Great recommendations guys, definitely the type of personal endorsements that mean I will definitely look into BMR when I need some new parts or replacement parts? Service is so often the key and it sounds like BMR ( and Kelly ) have that in spades!!??


Agree, welcome BMR and Kelly. I talked to him a couple months ago when I was installing the BMR poly diff bushing and another brand UCA. He was very helpful with my questions.


Supporting Vendor
Wow, I am overwhelmed by the warm welcome!

I have been at BMR for 9 years now, and I could not be happier about our evolution and our reputation in the Ford Mustang chassis and suspension world. It has been a great ride and nothing makes me feel better about what I do than seeing comments like the ones above.

We do have some really cool products in the works - I will try and share as I get time!

Thanks TMO and members, we truly appreciate you!


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