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Quarter Mile Times MPH for LSs Please.

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BOSS LS #469
Out to the track the other night and made 4 passes. Had a hard time not hitting the rev limiter. From the 1st pass to the last all 2.0 60foot times except 1 at 2.2 . MPH from 1st pass missing 4th I know pretty bad was 85mph to 109.90. ETs well I thought they were good for the first time out car has less then 200 miles. 13.68 to 13.17. I know there is easy 12s to be had. Anyone want to share their times.
OH all my reaction times were .120 or less but 1 at .363, does this make up for my missing 4th????
You might want to update your post and say your car has 1,000 miles on it. Or wait until it does to post. Dealers read this site and I just got mine and I'm reading the manual.

"Your vehicle requires a break-in period. Drive your new vehicle at least 100 miles before performing extended wide open throttle maneuvers and at least 1,000 miles before performance/competition conditions."

Would be a shame to have to come out of pocket on a $11k uh oh.
Just as an FYI. Finished reading through this article.

Looks like MT went 12.4 sec, 115 mph in a 1/4 mile with the LS

This looks to be the video of the timing.

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