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Quick Release Steering Wheel/Column adapter?

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Has anyone installed a quick release steering wheel/adaptor/column for off road use? If so, links appreciated. I can't seem to find the parts I need for this (using the g**gle method).
I'm finding it hard to get my big a$$ in/out my sparco race seat with the steering wheel attached.



Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I know Sparco makes them for the Mustangs (IF you are using an aftermarket wheel). I don't have PNs but a reputable race shop like Rehagen or Capaldi should be able to set you up properly.
I have the NRG 2.5 on my Spec E30, and the only single complaint I have is that the anodized finish is not super durable, I scratched mine installing it because I dropped a screwdriver or something. But I got the black one, and the great thing about black anodizing is that a black permanent marker covers up scratches really well unless you look up close. It is basically a knock off of another one (forgot the name) but is a lot cheaper.

This is the adapter listed for the Mustang, but if you do get one then call them first and confirm it works with the 12-13 cars.

Bear in mind that you will need the QR and an adapter to mate to the steering column, it is two separate parts. I bought the one with the Momo/Sparco holes (they are a little different but it has both types drilled into it) and my Sparco went on perfect.

Another thing you should take into account is there are two basic types of QRs, the spline type and the ball detente. Most people say the spline type eventually wears and then gets free play, I know several people with them and they all have the issue to some degree after a decent number of track days. The NRG is ball detente, and mine is still tight as new. The ball type are known for not loosening up, but they cost more.

Also if your off-road use includes places like parking lots or it is stored out doors, you may want to invest in the lock system that many manufacturers have so nobody pops the window and walks off with your $200+ wheel (not including cost of a new window). The cheesy locks won't stop anyone from stealing it, but locking the doors doesn't stop anyone either. It is a deterrent to keep honest people honest. I don't have a lock so I usually toss the wheel in the trunk.
I tried to do this last year. I wanted to move the steering wheel closer to the seat so I ordered a sparco adapter. When trying to install it, you would have to remove the clock spring, which also contains the steering wheel position sensor and air bag connections. You need that sensor for the advance trac to work. With a bit of machine work, I could have modified the adapter to work with the sensor, but I figured it was not worth it. If you removed the clock spring, not sure what codes you would get either. The guy I spoke to at Sparco USA said he was trying to convince the company to build an adapter that would work with the clock spring. Have not looked into it since then.

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