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Race Brake Pads

Not a fan of the Raybestos pads and production issues are just part of the reason. The good thing about having KNS on here is Coby can obviously tell you his personal choices on pads and being aware of the ones that have production or supply delays is often important to know if hitting the tracks often. I have been running G-Locs ( as an example ) because they are reasonably priced , easy on the rotors ( I even use their most aggressive pad on the front ) and made right in Nascar country --- Mooresville, NC.

Regardless of what folks like, having an in on what products are often in short supply or seem to be slow in production can be an additional tool to decide on your purchase.

Which G-Locs are you running? I had terrible problems with the 16s once moving to sticky tires--couple pairs separated from the backing plate. Liked the feel, though.

I've loved the ST43s, but am disappointed in how hard they are to get. I'll have to try something new

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Running R18s in front , R10s in the rear , but I always get them Pre-Bedded. The one thing we noticed with many racers is they often understood the need to bed in the brake pads , often the pads were shot during a weekend and it was time to " Brake Dance " to get back on track, so I always pushed our customers to get then already done. This was not just with G-Locs , but with all the pads we sold. I guess I was not that impressive with the ST43s as when I was running against similar Vipers to mine , I seemed to always be able to outbreak those folks. Will agree they got longer life , but I was more concerned with winning or placing in the events. Hope this is a bit helpful even though I rambled on a bit, ha.

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