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Rear seat delete fasteners

The previous owner of my 2013 LS installed the rear seat shoulder belt. The install was not the best. Both of the fasteners at the base of the main cover were missing and the two at the top didn't match. I know what the one at the top is but with both of the bottom ones missing I'm not sure.

Here's the hole I need to fill.

Is this the correct fastener?

If not does anyone have a picture of what should be there?

This is what was in the other upper hole.
That's the one connector I'm currently using for the top of the panel. If I should be using that on the bottom/front of the panel then what does the connector on the top look like? Or should I have 4 that look like that?
Take a look at the instructions for the delete kit on the ford performance parts website. There are really good pictures that you can see in the instructions....
Guys, I appreciate all the help. I did look at the manual before posting and this is the page I thought most relevant.

As you can see the fasteners for the front/bottom are different than the top. Of course it wouldn't be the first time the manual did not match what was actual on the car.


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There are several good online sources for Ford parts that can hook you up. Thats what I did. ID the pieces in the online diagrams and order spares. Cheap.
Auto Nation.
Levittown Ford.

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