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Road trip with the Boss

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Sharing a road trip that I had with my Boss, This was a trip that I make to the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle PA.

Took off on a Tuesday with 1200 miles on her from Lexington KY made it to WV spent the night with parents, on the second day drove her to Harpers Ferry, WV. Brother lives there, on the drive I had truckers blowing there horns, lights flashing at me, thought that I has remaking Smokey and the Bandit...spent some time at Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MDphoto-49.jpg Some photo's of this Civil War site
At Carlisle we had a great showing of old and new Boss'sphoto-60.png
Drove my Boss back to KY on Sunday ended with adding 1253 miles on her averaged 21 mpg, not bad at all, driving in Maryland I would let her coast down the mountains, on one of them she coasted over 5 miles. Used to do this years ago with other cars.

Driving this car is just a great feeling from the looks to just the ride, so glad that I did not tralier her over, with all the Zaino that I had laid on her the clean up was easy, Thanks Justin and Jason LOL.
On the way home I had 550 miles on my back side, but I did not feel beat up.

Thank you Ford for my new wall art, this was passed out at there truck, two sided, get one if you can, this is a great poster
On Saturday we ended up with 45 new Boss's it was great to meet all the owners, had a good time telling the story how I found my LS to the gentleman that was there last year with his LS. My wife blames it on him. ;) If you have a chance to meet other Boss owners take it, we have this Boss fever that we share.

Here is a shot of the 2012 and 2013photo-50.jpg
I know, talked to one one of the Ford reps, untill he gave me four of them, two for me and one each to my KY Boss buddies. He was told one per person ??? but after telling him about my other Fords, he gave in.
Nice, looks like you had a great time. What's the scoop on this roll cage and the car?

That's awesome!! One hell of a road trip :D

I wish I could have made it to Carlisle this year, it was the first one I missed since I got my V6 in January of 2010. Last year I saw the Boss that Ford had displayed by the Mustang Garage, when it started raining I walked over to it and sat in it for like 20 minutes. Best 20 minutes EVER!!
Sorry about that credit, Justin is the Zaino man! Yes I'll send over the photo.

The cage is from a car that MRT has been working on, I'll post up some more photo's.
The Boss with the damage on the quarter panel and door is actually a member on the YMR forum (owns a yellow mustang too...). It was caused by a truck kicking up a large piece of metal that was on the road.
5 DOT 0 said:
Nice, looks like you had a great time. What's the scoop on this roll cage and the car?

I met the owner at Watkins Glen last week. I am terrible with names, sorry... I beleive he is from around the Binghamton, NY area. And as said, the cage was built by MRT and it is a full cage. I sat in both seats. The drivers side race seat was a little hard for me to get into (I am 6"3" tall, 265 lbs), but the passenger side was easy for me to get into and out. He took me for a few laps around the track as he is an instructor. Car went wearever he pointed it and he was running takeoff Conti's with a square setup. He said the suspension was stock too, no modifications. He was fast!

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