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S550 Mustang Updates

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For those interested I've been posting a LOT of new info on the S550 Mustang over on Check out the latest video of the new 2015 GT from Cars & Coffee yesterday.
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10-20 Years
I want to know if the car is really lighter like they are claiming? The looks are really growing on me…but I would feel like I was downgrading as far as the motor is concerned…I would never get the first year of production as I am sure it is bound to have bugs that will need to be worked out but it really is a pretty car.


Kerry, San Diego
Don't think I am interested in an S550.

Perhaps when they bring out a special edition with a run of about 8000 units (read: Boss-like special), then maybe I would be interested in buying one.

At the S550 price point, I would buy a pre-owned Boxster, Cayman or 911.

Most of these Porsches have low miles and lots of warranty remaining.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
...just didn't post all my pictures.

I really wanted a better look at the front end - double ball joint lower...didn't really get anything showing more than the lateral arm. Couldn't even see the tension link in any of the shots. I did see a lot of the yellow sensor/telemetry wiring underneath.

Skimming over the Vorshlag blog...I don't disagree with any of the factual observations. The exhaust on that one is a bit different though. The GT/TP I saw had what looked like resonators in the X/H crossover area and a flex joint forward of that on the passenger side. The one in the Vorshlag pics look like a MAC prochamber.

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