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Safe distance between tire and strut

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Hi guy's, I got a set of 18x10 BBS (Ford Racing) wheel for my Boss . Tires are 275x40x18 square. It clears the Brembo's and are not rubbing anywhere but seems a bit close to the strut, about 1/4 inch. I dont have camber plates or bolts as for now but I will eventually. Any thought on this?


Is it right to say that camber bolt will bring the tire/wheel closer to the strut and camber plate wont since it move the hole strut together...
steveespo said:
I don't know, that looks awfully close, especially with stock camber. Aren't there 18x9.5" specifically for the fronts. Darren probably has good info on these wheels.

Yes BBS MAKES 18X9.5 but I wanted a square set up and according to Ford Racing 18x10 fits our car w/o problem. They suggest a spacer to clear race brake ?? but dont say anything about the close fit in regards to the strut


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gain as much camber as you can by moving the struts in the factory holes first. then add your camber bolts and make up the difference. every chassis is a bit different so you may or may not need to space the wheel out. a 5mm spacer should be the max you will need (if anything).

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