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S550 SecondHand Racing Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

Posted elsewhere, but finally got the car corner weighted and aligned after installing the MCS doubles a while ago. Car felt fine after install so I didn't rush an alignment, but it was off a little for my last event (where I had my best driving probably).

Car was 3940# with my weight equivalent in the driver seat making it 3680# without me and with 5/8ths tank of gas. This was with my autocross wheels and tires. Full interior minus the back seat (bottom cushion is intact). Initially car was at 53% cross weighted, now is 50%.

Alignment was set with max adjustment at spindle and then fine-tuned at the strut via Vorshlag plates resulting in -4 deg camber with plates maxed and spindle "maxed". That was then backed off to -3 degrees with the plate basically in the middle of the strut tower.

Plan is to run the rest of this year and most of next season on the RE71's I got on closeout then swap to 295/35/19 Yokohama A052. This will raise the car about 1/2 inches in ride height, but it will also give me some revs for higher speed courses. If money was no object, I'd go 18x11 or try 18x12's and 315/30/18's, but I have the 19's so I'll use them.

The next calendar year, I'm going to focus on 2 things...being at 100% throttle more during my runs (when appropriate) and working on the mental side of the game to try to optimize my times in the first 3 runs. No double runs (my region allows 2x the runs for extra 20 bucks...I routinely get better at the end of the doubles, but it doesn't count for class).

Plan is to attend 2022 Solo Nats and test the waters with the big boys. In the meantime, hopefully we will have another Texas Tours and SW Divisional prior to nationals to prepare.

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