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Skeptical question

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I was watching a youtube vid and the was a comment that the dealer can update the car for more HP ? I though it was total BS but my dealership guy who is a enthusiast says they have the original track key programming but the warrenty would be void.

True or total BS ? I call BS on the below but i might call my guy again tomorrow to see if hes confused about somthing else

"-And what dealers don't tell you until you buy this car that after 1000miles they update car to 470hp vs original 444hp. You have this option."
Figured as much.. Has anyone ever looked into getting the original programming for the track key ? It has to be out in the wild somewhere , no ?
I'll call my guy tomorrow at the dealership. I know its a Ford Racing geared sales/shop as all they sell are Shelbys, RTRs Bosses etc etc. I distinctly remember him telling me that they have the "original track key tune" but would void all covered bits. I'll report back to see what I come up with. Don't want to throw out any names yet as I don't know if this is a OK thing by them if they even do have that pre-carb or w/e tune.

Interested to say the least...
If I was going to go that route, I would just go with one of the many aftermarket tuners like John Lund or Bama, for example, and probably get a stronger tune than anything FRPP had to offer.
Agree - its the "unobtanium" effect - I know its out there somewhere but cant get it. The 1st thing I'll do when im ready is suspension upgrades followed by a kooks full system. Its 36 out right now and i took her out (to get milk) and have to be real careful or the rear just spins on those Pzeros ;D


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Full kooks? Loved the thread on this exhaust over at TMS forum, not so much for the unavoidable CEL... I would be all in for such a great sounding exhaust if I could go cat-less an get 35-40 'not really free - dollarwise' HP. Let us know how you like it once installed. In for pix.
There is no "original" Trackey tune. We have was was developed for the Boss, not more, not less. The same tune put into the Miller cars is what was made available to us. There may have been some early prototype tunes, like the one in the famous utube video but that is not an "original tune", just an early prototype tune. It is like saying all the production cars have the wrong headlights since an early prototype had something slightly different that was refined for production.

I had a hard time believing this myself at first, after lengthy discussions with knowledgeable Ford Racing people I believe this to be 100% true.
Thank for chiming in guys. This is such a great source of info and community of BOSS expertise ! Much appreciated


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