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So I Bought A Boss LS

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I've been scouring the internet for info on when and how I'm supposed to get the LS parts.

I bought the car 5 weeks ago and haven't heard a peep from the dealer. It's my understanding that the splitter, brake ducts and trans coller will be shipped there and then I will be notified. I can also purchase the track programming from the dealership for $300.

Do I have the correct info?

I couldn't find a welcome forum so I figured I'd post up in here.... Hi!

I'm from Houston Texas.

Welcome and congrats on your Boss! :) There are lots of friendly and helpful people on this forum.

5 weeks ago? That is ancient history to most dealers, so unless you have a great relationship with your salesperson they are more concerned with the next sale. You usually have to follow up with them. I would be an agressive pain in the butt if they don't pay attention to you.


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You can buy the Trackey software from the dealer for retail price of 302 dollars or you can order it from tousley ford for around 230. you will still have to pay an hour labor at the dealer to have it installed.
My salesman didn't know anything about the splitter etc. I hounded him and his sales manager for a few weeks, and brought the invoice that showed I had paid for it. They suddenly found everything.


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For my 2012 LS, the LS specific parts were delivered to the dealer when the car was delivered. Since it's part of the package I'd be curious why they were not there along with the car itself.
Ok thanks a lot!

I'm leaving to today to be a counselor for a youth camp and won't have a phone on till friday. But I'll be sure to call my dealer then.

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They come with the car -- just have to be installed at owner's request supposedly.

I would get on the Dealer for sure as this is part of the package as you well know.

Good luck!
I talked to the dealer today, the salesman had no idea the car came with anything. He talked to his manager and parts dept. and found out some of the parts were there and some were on backorder.....or so they say.

Does anyone have information on the race day? I heard anything about it from my dealer.
I'm going in Oct of this year and registered online right after purchasing the car.
It shows new registration dates coming soon and has a link to be added to the waiting list.

I think your car number would be LS followed by your car number when registering.
Congratulations on Your LS, when I purchased my LS the parts manager had the box sitting with the gas tanks, since the box is on the large side.

Have to ask you, are you a Smooth Grand Mother, with a race car? If my grandma had a LS she would have been smooth, cool and one fast grandma. Enjoy your LS at any age.

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