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Some News: New Partners for 2018....

We are pleased to announce officially our Partnership with Cortex Racing as a dealer as well as recently becoming a Warehouse Distributor for Steeda. These two partnerships will allow us continued growth along with our current partners. Both organizations allow us to fill the needs of our core Customer over a wide range of goals and budget. A vast majority of our Customers utilize products from both Cortex and Steeda and the support they provide made the decision an easy one. The products have solid engineering behind them and are well tested. The direct relationship with Ford is an important one as vehicle dynamics become more complex.

We are in the process of organizing our website so we have yet to populate it with new product. As most of you know it is usually myself and my Wife Kelly that are answering the phone, email and getting products out to you. The plan is to make the site a little less cluttered and organize items to make the experience a little less painful. The website is a time eater so it will be a slow improvement.

We have some additional Partner announcements which we will likely announce in the beginning of 2018. 2017 has been a blur, since the launch of our website late last spring we are over 200% where we started from. We intend to stick with our 'Track Day' model but during 2017 we have gained several race customers which requires a different level of commitment and products.

While several of our goals were not met in 2017, the purchase of a permanent property has been. This has been impeding growth substantially while we were in limbo so we expect this to open new growth opportunities moving forward.

Kelly and I would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support in these past two years since we relocated to Florida and refocused our business. We appreciate it more than you could know.

Thank you,


P.s. I was just asked to be a fueler for a Conti that code for we need a fat guy?
Tim that's great news. Good luck in 2018!
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Love to see small business grow. Congrats!

Bill Pemberton

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Know some friends who recently got stuff from you , but any updates in 2019 on additional partnerships? Nice to support someone who knows Mustangs and as you grow and support TMO, figured I should ask if you have any more new collaborations? Grant likes to spend OPM ( other people's money ) , but the funny thing is some newcomers to the site see his huge number of money spent and think it is with OPM ( Optimum Performance Mustang)! Pretty good advertisement for the uninitiated, haha!! Keep up the great work!

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