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spare tire

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Has anyone tried to put the rear rim and tire in the well in the trunk? If so did it fit?..........


Kerry, San Diego
Based on this discussion, I would say no the rear wheel will not fit.
OK, here goes...

For those very few left who live and/or work in the sticks..

For starters, I think Ford offers a complete kit

I believe it comes with a 17" steel spare with tire (can't remember the exact size), jack, tool roll with wrench and everything to secure them (but I'm not 100%)

Part number CR3Z1K007A

MSRP is only $277.14

I got the 18" aluminum spare because I found a tire in that size that is slightly taller and a little closer in height to what I run

Part number BR331007AB

MSRP for the wheel alone is $464.13

Maxxis T155/70R18

Part number TP10676000

I bought the tire direct from Maxxis

It cost $149.00

Here is a list of the other parts I purchased from my Ford dealer:

Jack CR3Z17080
Nut E6DZ1462A
Washer E9SZ1424A
Bolt W710349S437
Bolt W711555S437
Nut 1F1Z1462A
Nut 1F1Z1462AA
Wrench 4R3Z17032AA
Tool Roll AR3Z17005A
Decal 5R3Z17A083AA

I ended up not needing to buy the wrench because it comes with the tool roll (it's also the only tool in the tool roll so the name was somewhat misleading to me)

I also seem to recall not needing a few of the other items

Some parts were already present with the tire mobility kit that came with the car

The decal is not really needed, either

I hope that helps

NOTE - Will not clear Brembo brakes - Not a big deal for me as I'm square dancing :p



four-walling said:
I think somewhere, someone mentioned a concern about abnormal dif wear if the rolling diameter did not closely match the stock tire?

Yes for those of us in the sticks and are stupid, the donut spare that comes in mustangs like my daughters 2010 is a real nice fit and an optimum choice if one is worried about a flat .....................but isnt worried about destroying a posi unit since that particular tire is a different overall diameter that a Boss 302's rear tire. I was hoping though someone actually pulled a rear wheel and set it in the well.


I put one of the fronts in the spare well when going to track days. It fits really snug, so I would guess the rear would fit better, but stick up higher.


isrboss said:
I put one of the fronts in the spare well when going to track days. It fits really snug, so I would guess the rear would fit better, but stick up higher.
thanks!!!! just need to find 1 used rear rim with tire.
thanks!!!! just need to find 1 used rear rim with tire.


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What's a matter Rodney???


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Domestic Product

Big fat tires and everything !

I actually followed this post and have the drag wheel and Goodyear tire in my trunk along with the jack, hold downs and wrench. Got the wheel and tire and other at Discount Tire and they confirmed fit. Got the jack and jack parts at my friendly local Ford dealer.
I think a stock rear will fit but it will stick up to much for the trunk mat to fit right and the hold downs will not be long enough for that size of wheel. So it will be loose in the trunk with no cover.
The drag wheel is the fix as it fits in the donut hole just right and will clamp down with the factory hold downs. I did have to to grind a 1/8" off the bottom of the hold down hook so it could grab. The trunk mat is up about a 1/2" but still works. The wheel will clear the Brembos. It is close is size so no worries about the diff. All in all it looks stock. I'm happy I did it and have piece of mind that I have a real spare.
I also leave it in the trunk for track days, adds about 40lbs at the rear of the car to help balance. I plan to loose 40lbs up front at some point so it starts to really help. Kills two birds with one stone.
I have a GB 2013 Boss. I went to Discount Tire Direct to buy my spare wheel/tire. Any wheel that fits on front of a 2008 GT 500 will fit on a Boss. Both have the same Brembo's and rotor size, along with same bolt pattern. I bought a Drag DR-34 18x8.5 wheel for $150, and at the time they had a 255 45 18 Nankang AS-1 tire for $109. Free shipping, mounted/balanced, and it included the lugs and tool for same. The diameter is less than a 1/4" smaller than stock set up on car. Fits in the trunk wheel well, minus the tire mobility kit, but sticks up about an inch. Really not noticeable. Also bought a scissor jack at Walmart for $20. Tried the spare on both front and back, using the scissor jack, and test drove. No issues. Hope this helps.

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