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Spohn - Upper / Lower Control Arms?

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I am considering upgrading the rear suspension on 2012 Boss. Does anyone have any expereince with Spohn control arms? They appear to be a high quality product that combine the benefits of spherical rod ends with standard bushings. I have never updated rear suspension on any of cars and would welcome feedback from anyone has these control arms (or general thoughts on the benefits / drawbacks of of adding these upper/lower control arms vs our stock boss rear suspension).

I've copied the link to Spohn's website below if anyone wants to check them out.

Thanks in advance.
I put J&M Hot part LCS on my Boss because I liked the design of the bushing and how it allows for some deflection rather than binding under stress. Some control arms do not do this. There are probably better ones but I have had these on 3 S197 mustangs with out any issues and the cost is reasonable. This alone almost completely illuminated wheel hop. Some times there is none at all.

The spherical rod ends are tough and preferred for extreme high performance applications. They do transmit more noise into the car. That may not be so bad but put UCA, LCA, MGW shifter and a performance driveshaft on it and all those contribute and cause increased noise. So no spherical ends for me. I don't race my car so it's not a big deal.

If you lower the car an adjustable UCA is recommended (probably should say necessary) to allow you to reset your pinion angle. LCA relocation brackets are recommended in some applications and I would assume that would depend on what your objective is for the entire set up of the car and what you intend to do to it.

All the venders will say you can notice the difference as they want you to buy there parts. But I really didn't on my Boss. But it has to be better.

Now my 07 GT 500 handled like crap and the LCA's, springs and Steeda UCA and Fays 2 watts link made a huge improvement. That car was about 400 lbs heavier and not as balanced as our Bosses so it needed some modifications to help it.

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