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Stock Boss rims in smaller size do they make them?

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I am thinking since I do not track the car if I can find some smaller rims for the back only so that I can do some drag racing without needing to change tires all the time. Any help would be great.
So you want to keep the stock fronts and have a smaller diameter set of rears that match the fronts? I don't think that is going to happen unless you have custom wheels CNCed. You might be able to find a set of four aftermarket wheels that match each other and have the right sizes. I don't know how small you can go in the rear, I would guess smaller than the 18 which is the minimum for the front, because of the smaller brakes.
Yeah I just want to be able to launch without blowing the rear tires out I really cant see where these can beat many cars on the streets or even at a drag strip unless I am doing something wrong it just is so easy to spin the rear tires I had one time I had a guy race me he got the start with ease I passed him in third while my tires were still spinning all I thought was damn if I could have launched without spinning that would have been fun. So I figure smaller rear rims and taller tires to get that tire give I need but also would like to remain stock looking. I have not checked what my rear shocks are set on that may help. Mustangs were known for their sticking to the road durring a launch not this one.

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