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Summer Tire Install Fail

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Went to dealership Saturday and had my summer tires reinstalled. Car drove fine and had no problems. This afternoon my buddy and I drive his car to lunch. When we get back he parks by my car and I notice that my right front and rear wheels have damage on the brushed metal at the point where the tire and wheel meet. When I took possession of the car of Saturday I had not noticed. I took the car in this afternoon and the dealership said that the damage was caused by me hitting a curb.

I told the dealership that I had not hit a curb nor had I run into or over anything since Saturday and if I had I would have damaged the black paint on the wheels. They said that they are going to work with me and are going to have their wheel repair guy look at the damage and see if he can fix it.

My question to you Boss fans, should I have them replace the wheels all together?
If they will do it, why not? Otherwise a good wheel repair shop will do it so you can't even tell it was ever damaged, even if it is mangled
Word to the wise...Always inspect rims/tires after any work is done to them BEFORE you the leave the establishment that did the work.....avoids the "you did/no you did" conflicts right off the bat. This applies to ANY work done at the dealership also. Look over your car for any new imperfections that weren't there before they serviced your car BEFORE you leave. (Just like they do when you return a rental car). We all know S**T happens...just discover it, if it does, before the party responsible becomes a question mark.

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