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Supension Noise

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This is a new a one for me. I tried to search this but could only find a control arm TSB and this does not fit that description exactly but maybe it is. I discovered this while backing out of the driveway and turning to the right only. At first it felt like I had slipped on some ice it kinda felt like it grabbed a little then went away and there was a noise associated with as well.

It only did this when it was very cold(freezing) and did not do it while driving forward in a circle left or right or backing and turning to the left.

I had this same sort of symptom with another car but in the rear and it was the bushings. Any Ideas?
That is a good possibility I suppose. I will see if can reproduce while braking if that changes anything.
Brandon302 said:
Completely stock or lowered? Either way I guess it would also be the end links in the rear.

All Stock. It really showed its head today considering it was 10 degrees. It's in front suspension only. I felt it this time while driving forward and turning left going in a circle. Since I was in a parking lot I was able to notice this. Feels like the wheels are binding up while moving forward.

I have a feeling this probably will fall under the lower control arm tsb.

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