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The Boss Effect

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Number #3221 checking in.

I just think that I got one of the last Competition Orange 2012's left. It was at Autoway Ford in Bradenton and they sold at invoice plus the dealer fee.

The Boss is starting to change me however. I really don't like the person I am becoming.

1. I lied to my wife last night. I have never done this. It was roughly 7:35 pm a gorgeous night in Land O Lakes, FL, and for some reason - I felt the need to take a little drive. I told my wife I was headed to Publix for some diet coke. I did not need diet coke - I had diet coke. I just wanted to take a quick spin - I arrived home 34 minutes later with NO diet coke.
2. I suddenly purged all car care products that were over a year old. Like going through a refrigerator of outdated left overs, I purged every product that was not new - and not able to take care of the BOSS.
3. I have become a total microfiber snob. Seriously... I can tell you how many microns per million make up a good micro fiber towel. Like Cindy Crawford 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, I threw out every "low quality" micro fiber towel I owned and purchased all new ones.
4. I cleaned the garage. WTF..??? I never "clean my garage". The Boss is now parked in a utterly spotless 3rd car stall that was vacuumed and wet mopped. No one is allowed on "that side of the garage".
5. I have had some sleep pattern interruptions. For God's sake... I got up over the past week 172 times. I awoke at 10 pm. I "told myself" you are just thirsty.. go get a drink. Well that drink happened to be a "look out in the garage and check on her..." Next 2:13 am. Another trip to the garage "to make sure she was still there an ok...". Another friggin wake up at 5:03 am. I thought I heard an armadillo in the flower beds. Checked the front yard... it was safe.. had to check the garage to make sure the armadillo did not make it in there. She was fine.

Something is happening. It's not normal. No I know why the book Christine was written.

Any other Tampa Boss owners on here..??
Hmmm I don't see any of that as unusual. Sounds about right to me. Just come up with something better to tell your wife, she may even accept the truth.

And welcome to the club.

Oh and just wait until you meet the Zaino guys, # 2 was just a warmup


2012 #552
This post made me laugh pretty good. Nice write up. Everything you are experiencing is normal, at least for a Boss 302 owner :)

I am one of the Zaino guys, and yes that shiznit works.
Funny LOL, Welcome to our world, we have all had these ailments my wife thinks I have Boss fever and the cure is to drive the Boss. I have introduced my Boss as my red headed girl friend. Enjoy the drive.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
CaliMR said:
Oh and just wait until you meet the Zaino guys, # 2 was just a warmup

Hey, I resemble that remark, and I don't even have my Boss yet! But it's getting close, verrrrry close, I can feeeeeeel it. Chugging through NY state, I'm hoping that if Mark can get me an update it shows that has crossed the MA border. That could line me up for a Monday delivery, right on my birthday.

Oh and bossmantampa, get yourself a webcam and install it in the garage, will save you from getting out of bed every 3 hours.
Congrats bossmantampa - were all with ya here - my neighboor says he sees me polishin waxin etc hes got video of me with my d*** in the tailpipe lol

+ you made the best decesion on the color 8)
My "Boss effect" has kept me outta trouble. I always look for a super open area before I decide to take a turn a little fast, I don't spin the wheels randomly, and the other day when a stock 335 with some punk college kids kept egging me for 2 miles at EVERY stoplight I did nothing.

Or I'm just getting old (turning 32 later this year) and responsible. Ha, ha, ha. ;D

I need more autocross/track days though. I'm getting the itch, still waiting on my Enkei's before I hit up a road course (separate set of track wheels) Good thing the rest of you guys made 'em all back ordered so I've managed to space out my car fund purchases quite a bit. :D

Totally unrelated, I must be like one of five Asian Boss 302 owners. I need to start sporting a mullet so there's less shock.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Have you had it on the track yet? If not, then all I'll say is that your wife may need to start putting out APB's to find you ! There has been a sharp increase in divorce filings since the 2012 Boss was released. ;D


I never get tired of driving it!
Great story! Owning a Boss does change you. I hadnt hand washed and waxed a car in 20 years. I didnt even know what a "clay bar" was let alone "detailing spray". But I gave her the full treatment. I read car care product labels with a descriminating eye. "Is this product good enough for The Boss?"

Also, I ask everyone in the house if they need anything from the store. I am only too happy to got out and pick it up at anytime of the day. Lol

Enjoy it. I don't think it ever wears off.


PS. At car cruise nights it steals the show. Everyone wants to see it. I think it is because it truely harkens back to 1969/1970 as this is a track purpose built car.


Pete is correct--after your first track day, you'll be hooked.
I was on track 5 days in June--was a great month bonding with the Boss, but didn't get much done at home. :)
Heck, I haven't even found time to wax the Boss yet this year.
And I'd agree CaliMR--don't see any unusual symptoms.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Great story. I think we all act like that :)

I like that you went through all you car cleaning products and threw out the old stuff. Although if you have Zaino it has a very long shelf life. If you are interested in trying Zaino give some of Zaino threads here a look. I use a combo of Zaino and Adams both are great products.

Any plans for mods yet? I highly recommend getting a MGW shifter and swapping to Redline MTL fluid.
Funny story.... Mine is kind of a garage queen and people give me hell about it. What I can't get used to is the attention the car pulls. Maybe the neon red and white roof aren't helping.
Yeah wait until you pull up next to a camaro and watch the guy kinda look down cause he knows you can hand him his ass anytime ;D Best advice-- Get a radar detector and a good one to. ::)


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
jeepinocala said:
Yeah wait until you pull up next to a camaro and watch the guy kinda look down cause he knows you can hand him his ass anytime ;D Best advice-- Get a radar detector and a good one to. ::)
lol I know what you mean. I cant get a guys in SS's to even look my way on the road. :)

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