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Tire Observations from the 2019 Solo Nationals in Lincoln , Nebraska

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Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
We learned a lot from the Mustang Roundup, as Bruce Hanson showed up with a 220 TW Rated Goodyear F1 Supercar 3 ( not the R ) in a 325/19 and smoked the entire GT 350 and GT 350R field. Yes, the 325s fit and I think they were on an Apex rim , but will have to check with him again. He actually outran every single competitor except myself and Jason Coulter ( both of us are in Boss 302S models ) on this street tire in his 2019 GT 350. So this is another tire many will want to start viewing and I will try and get more particulars on the rims he used, spacer width, tire pressures ,etc. Hopefully he will just join and he can contribute all the data.

Hopefully you can get Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s , Down Under, as they are also quite fast , and there are plenty of folks on here using Hankook RS-4s , that want a reliable street tire that is pretty decent on a road course. The new Yokohama 200 TW Rated A052 is blazingly fast and sticky , but likely it would only last 2-3 laps before getting too warm and becoming greasy. With the RE71Rs, BFG Rival S 1.5s, it is the other killer tire for the Street Classes in Autocrossing.

Nice to hear from you again , as always fun to hear the news from around the Globe from fellow trackrats!
The AD08R’s are a solid choice.
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In hot climes the BFGs seem to tolerate longer track sessions before getting slippery -- talked to alot of guys who both Autocross and do Track Time.

Most of the wider 18” BFG Rival S and Rival S 1.5 are rated as LL load range. Obviously guys are running these on Mustangs - any concerns here? I just ordered a set of 275/35ZR18 Rival S and didn’t realize the light load rating (1201 lbs) until after they shipped.

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