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Tire wear - pirelli p zeros

Bill Pemberton

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You will need camber plates to get decent negative camber in the front, and it is not a major cost if you do M&M ones. Adjusting the car with them to get a more balanced track alignment , will cost you less in the long run, as you will get better wear out of your tires on track. Front heavy cars like our Mustangs , have a tendency to chew the outside edge under tight cornering and going to a negative camber adjustment ( even if you just do a more moderate set-up half way between street and track) will result in sharper turn in and a better contact patch when racing. If you have 10s don't waste your money on dinky 275s , as they frankly are too small in my estimation, for track work. Get a set of 295s out of the box , the price is not much different an they will probably wear better --- logic is the answer here, heavy car , more tire to hold it up.

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