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Track Attack: GT or FR500S?

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I'm trying to decide which car to use on day two. I want the car that will provide me the most transferrable skills to my track day set up, which is a stock Boss with street tires. All input is appreciated.
orng302 said:
GT, based on your post. That will be closer to your street Boss.

I agree, BUT...

Think about it this way, you have a Boss and will have plenty of opportunities to track it and will get better with each session... the FR500S is a blast to drive and how many opportunities will you get to actually spend a day driving a real race car!?!

Go for the Fr500S, you will not regret it... ;)
I decided to mix it with the FR500S on day two and did not regret it one bit. It was awesome getting into the seat and driving it. Netting, switches, steering wheel on/off, simply awesome ---------- One of the other guys chose the GT and loved it equally as well ---- with the same logic of driving something closer to the Boss. With that said, he kept coming over and asking me how I liked the FR500S and wishing there was a way to drive both on the second day ------ go for the FR500S ------

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
FR500S. No regrets from me, or my guest who drove the GT on day 1.

There isn't much from the GT that would be 'transferrable'. Unless your Boss dropped a couple of cylinders.
I will warn you right now, if you go for the FR500S, you may be inclined to spend a lot more money on your Boss when you get back home. Things like new wheels and tires, brakes, etc... It is fun.
The only thing I will caution you about up front is if you deal with Bryan Samuels - if he is still there. (I had signed up a group of ten people for our event) and that guy is the only really disappointment we had. Be sure to get whatever he tells you in writing. :mad:

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
^ Wow that sounds a bit harsh. Bryan handled my reservation, and I got to meet him on day 1. Not much to go by, but he seemed like a nice guy to me...
Grant 302 said:
^ Wow that sounds a bit harsh. Bryan handled my reservation, and I got to meet him on day 1. Not much to go by, but he seemed like a nice guy to me...
Same here. He is a walking Ford encyclopedia too. I was surprised how much he knew about the GT 40's.
Let me first say that the Track Attack staff and class were first rate, and I am not trying to start anything negative about the class or cars.
My comment was to do with the many representations and upselling Bryan did to get me to sell my group into the class and also to take FR500s cars for additional days. Our group experience with Bryan and his representations was terrible. In a nutshell, nothing worth legal action over, but that guy would not even reply to any of the many email or even a phone calls we made to explain himself. I felt it my duty to tell of my positive exprience with the car but also not lead someone into a similar negative experience that we experienced. If he had ever even tried to reply to us about the situation, I would never have posted a conditional thumbs up to the FR500s.
You can't blame the MMP sales guys for trying to upsell. They realize that the windfall from Track Attack is a limited opportunity. I figure if you can afford an FR500S you should go for it for the experience to drive a real race car. I am trying to decide on which organ to sell so I can go for the race school with the FR500S on my 50th Birthday in a few years. ;)

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I guess it's all relative on the upsell...a couple of months ago, I wished I knew about the availability of a 3 day school. (not the licensing one) I've been considering calling to see if I can just do the 3rd day now...
I went with the FR500S and it was fun "in a different way" from the Boss. They both run about the same lap times, but the Boss has more power. The FR500S will feel underpowered relative to the Boss so the 4.6L GT is going to feel WAY underpowered compared to your Boss. The grip and "feel" of the FR500S is phenomenal. Think racecar. ;)

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