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S197 Tremec Transmission Swap/O2 Sensor Issues

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TMO Members,

I am in need of some help and/or guidance regarding my upcoming transmission swap in July 22'.

Let me begin to explain the situation and reason for this much needed change. After purchasing the car new with roughly 5,000 miles put on it, I noticed "grinding" when shifting from 4th to 5th. Brought the vehicle to the dealership at which time they found the synchros to be the problem. The transmission was taken out of the vehicle and the repairs made under warranty.

Fast forward to last fall (Mustang Roundup) when I was on the track taking turn 13 in 3rd gear and accelerating out of it for the straightaway. As I was increasing speed and the need for 4th gear, I went to shift and found 4th gear NOT to be there. It would not lock in nor would it even "notch" where 4th gear was suppose to be. Instead all it would do is "grind" when placing the shifter where 4th should be. Reaching out to a former club member who works for a transmission shop he believes the problem could be the blocker ring in the synchronizer failed completely.

I was at the track that weekend without a car trailer and sought advice if I could drive the car home (150 miles) which I did with no issues. Now the car is set for repairs again but now I am faced with the dilemma of can the car be driven the 200 miles where it's to be repaired or should it be trailered (arraigned already) just to be safe? What damage could be done or what could happen if one was to risk driving it that distance?

The set plan is to swap the MT-82 for the Tremec T-56 XL while upgrading the clutch, clutch lines, flywheel and more while everything is out. In addition to the transmission swap, I am also going to have the shop dyno-tune the car for optimal performance. However, this is where my other problem comes in.

On that drive home last fall and even this spring when I took the car out to wash it, I get an O2 sensor code (P2626). I have upgraded to long tube headers, x-pipe and axlebacks for the exhaust. In order to have the shop do the proper tuning, I need to clear this code and replace the sensors. The problem I am having is not knowing exactly which sensor it is. Scanner tells me Open Bank 1 Senor 1. (Driver side, upstream?) And what is the proper part number(s) for these replacements as if I am going to change one, I may as well change all.

Would any kind of adaptor or spacer help with future codes/problems? I believe I read somewhere about people using a 45 degree angled spacer?

A post from 2013 I found said a TMO member had used a 2011+ Raptor 6.2L O2 senor with longer leads that worked for replacement and cheaper than the Mustang sensors. I just want to get the right ones so I don't have the shop contacting me saying they can't tune the car because of the wrong parts and codes being thrown. Please offer up suggestions, links or anything that could help me.

I am all for getting these repairs done and enjoying the car again as it hasn't been driven since Sept. 21'
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I managed to get it figured for future reference and in case anyone else has issues with the P2626 Code.

This code is for Open Bank 1 Sensor 1 which is passenger side/upstream O2 sensor. I was able to find a NTK 24348 (OEM Identical AFR Sensor) on Rock Auto for $62.79.

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