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I don't have the other one. My dealer claimed they couldn't find it, so I printed out a copy and I'm bringing it by tomorrow.
YellowJacketBoss302 said:
Thanks CaliMR !
Anyone know where I can get the crank sensor relearn TSB / procedures?

I have never seen a TSB number for this. I just brought mine to the dealer and they knew what to do. Best thing to do is call Ford Racing and ask if there is a number.
It seems to cure false P3xx codes that appear at the track.
From a reply on another forum it is not a TSB, but rather new instructions (numbers 31,32,33) in version 2.0 of the dealer instructions for trackey.
BossTXB said:
I'll ask the dumb question for the day: How do I know I need the Crank Sensor Relearn fix?
Not a dumb question, you would know it when you get a CEL or limp mode and flashing CEL at the track. The DTC is usually P0300, which is a random misfire, but could be a P030# for a specific cylinder. I would hope they fixed it at some point in production. I had mine "relearned" in November when they finally developed a fix and looking at your build # yours might have been produced after that. Of course if you were to do a recent TK install that has these instructions, it would have been handled at that point as well.

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