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US Treasury Sells Stake In Government Motors GM

How does the US Gov sale of GM stock affect your buying decision?

  • I love GM products and would buy one no matter what

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I wouldn't buy a GM with the bailout but I will now

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • It doesn't, I would never buy a GM product

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • My car buying decisions are based on the product and nothing else matters

    Votes: 6 37.5%
  • I only buy Ford's and I have blue blood running through my veins

    Votes: 8 50.0%

  • Total voters

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Let's take a poll...

Please don't make me regret posting this but if we can not stray too far down the political spiral this might be fun. As many of you have already read the US Treasury completed the sale of GM stock and the American tax payers only lost $10.5B. What I thought was interesting about this was what GM said about their prospects about new car buyers now that they are no longer "Government Motors".

From the WSJ
"GM has suffered from a backlash to its bailout, such as being called "Government Motors," a label executives have said hurt the company's image and sales. Ford Motor Co. F restructured without a government bailout or a trip through bankruptcy.

GM North America chief Mark Reuss, speaking hours before the Treasury's announcement, said he expects the company to immediately begin attracting potential new vehicle buyers.

"I think there are some people who will consider us right away, especially those buying pickup trucks," Mr. Reuss said on the sidelines of an event in Warren, Mich. "People will think what they will about [the bailout] but if you look at what it did, if you look at the tens of thousands of people who can put food on their tables of the service businesses that are open again, there is no way you can put a number on that."

With that said I thought it would be fun to take a poll on how the new structure will affect your buying decision for a GM product. Please TRY and keep your comments about your purchasing decision and keep the politics out of it. But I know we'll head down that slippery slope anyway. ;),0,4629861.story#axzz2n26UrqCr


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No change for me.

Not a big fan of GM. Had a firebird, came with the wife. Cam shaft was a known problem to GM that year. A lob went away at 13,000 miles. GM kindly informed me when I asked for only parts, I was doing the work, that we had a 12,000 mile warranty.

Will not make that mistake again.

When GM rep stated that you can't put a price on the jobs the bailout saved, did he not see the $10Bil number???
Grew-up and learned to drive in Pontiacs, but dad bought me an old Ford pickup for my first car. Sold it to buy a Camaro. Since then, I have owned three Mustangs and zero GM. Am I a Ford man? I absolutely lean that way, but aren't I really a Mustang man? For me, the Mustang will always trump the Camaro, but outside of that very specific debate...?

The are a couple of Ford products that I would buy right now. Outside of the Corvette, there are NO Chevy products that I would buy. They might be good cars, but they are almost all hideously ugly and bland. But the Cadillacs? Oh, mommy. I do want.

I have my strong preferences (Audi, Ford), but at the end of the day, I am brand agnostic and I will buy what I like.

Re: Government Motors. When the friendly arguments pop-up, yes, I use it as a point of pride for my chosen brand that Ford didn't take any money. However, that bailout needed to happen. Period. People are all about "let the market decide" and "survival of the fittest" right up until they have to send their kids to school to learn Chinese, because that is the new official language. Anyway, GM took our money. In my view, it's silly to not want to take advantage of propping them up. You contributed. Enjoy that GM RWD V8 sedan. You can't get one from Ford.


2012 500A #1626
Granted, my experience with recent Chevy vehicles has probably been tainted by them dropping into the crapper. One Suburban and four Tahoes since 2006 in the local family and the fit and finish has been very lackluster, IMO, with little parts if trim, etc., breaking off. Interior design and execution has left me wanting more. It's a shame, as overall package is great. Again, these were years immediately preceding their bailout. Mechanically, they have been pretty good with the major components and so continue on the road. The 2015 redesign of the Tahoe/Suburban look promising.

Cadillac; wasn't impressed for the same reasons. Looks like interiors on both brands are improving, however, the wife and I are much more interested in the Ford Excursion or F-150.

I'm not much off a diehard brand-guy because so much can change. I had a '55 Bel Air 2-door Hardtop and still consider those some of the best looking, most iconic cars of that era. Had fun in a Corvette (mom's) early in my youth, too, so I have no aversion to Chevy... ... Just their lackluster fit/finish in recent years. Would love a new 'Vette and the new SS (NOT Camaro) looks interesting.

My first new car was a '91 Mustang GT. Six years later, said I'd never own another Ford, or that they would have to put out something great to change my mind. Well, most other brands turned to crap and Ford was knocking it out of the park. I'm a happy Ford owner again. So, never say never.

That said, I've hated the interiors of Dodge vehicles for a long time and have had a couple of cars (Chrysler Cirrus and Mitsubishi Gallant) that both suffered from the same Chrysler steering rack failures (tie-rod ball joints) that have caused the recent recall of so many Ram trucks and other Chryslers. Been burned too many times to give them a chance for a long time... ...but I stop just (very) short of saying NEVER.

Used to be a Nissan guy until I was old enough to realize the seats just don't fit me right. How hard can it be to make your seat bottom adjustable at the rear to accommodate different sizes instead of having the lumbar support NEVER line up correctly? So Nissan/Infiniti are out because of the seats. That's a shame as well.

Said I'd never own a minivan, before we had kids. That Honda Oddysey was a great car and I really liked my Civic Si too (right before the Boss).

I'm all about the product that's being offered and have learned to never say never.
I saw that today. It didn't mention that all of the GM stockholders got nada when GM went bankrupt. The stock was worthless and then they reissued new stock under the new GM organization. So GM survived on the backs of the investors and the Government, not on their own business practices or products. For that, I don't care for GM and will never buy another GM product. I currently own 6 Fords including a 1931 Model A. I appreciate a company that was managed well enough that they didn't have to take the bail out. GM let the unions run the company, just like Detroit let them run the city. So goes GM so went Detroit.
Always will be a Ford guy. Had a couple of GM products and also had a couple of Mopars. Never owned a foreign vehicle or will ever own one. I was around when all you had was American. I come from a family of 4 generation of American Steel Workers. So would I buy a GM product probably not but I will say they have some nice vehicles. All I can say is buy American. I would rather bail out an American company any day then a foreign one.

Grant 302

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I was going to post about this the other day...but what about the first female CEO of a global manufacturer? I wouldn't have thought GM to be the first.

I don't particularly like GM and really don't like the bailout b****, but I would buy from any company that is making what I want. I have a preference for supporting domestic businesses even at a price premium.
They also killed manufacturing in Australia (by 2017, I think). Ford will be out by 2016. Get that SS while you can. Don't know what this means for V8 Supercars and Utes, but it doesn't look good.
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I'm open to any brands with a blue oval :p I bought my last GM truck in 2000. It had a Cat diesel and Allison transmission so I figured it would be bullet proof. Wrong. Everything else on that thing started failing within 6 months. I haven't gone back and don't have any plans to in the future.

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