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Watson Racing "Closeout" for Roll Bar Group Buy

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Patrick from WR send me a message wanting to gauge interest in the closeout that will work with their roll bar and your rear seat cushion. One advantage it's an out of the box accessory with no cutting necessary. By using your rear seat cushion you don't have to find a place to store it. Please post if you have interest in this piece and I can work on a group buy.

WR is going to offer these for $225.00 and they will offer BMO members a group buy if there is interest in this product. From Patrick:

"For the 4-point closeout, take a look at the picture labeled “Closeout_Boxed” for reference. The piece is stitched with multiple thin boards sewn within (red boxes- please excuse the incorrect angle) for rigidity. The entire back-side is covered by gray vinyl (also stitched to the carpet) so the appearance is pleasant from inside the trunk. It uses two embedded push-pins (blue circles), using the holes left by removing the rear seat upper latches. We have also sewn in some heavy duty Velcro strips (long blue rectangles). The vertical Velcro strips will stick to the plastic trim panels, and additional Velcro runs along the floor section, to stick it to the floor if you’d like. The ‘cut lines’ in the panel in front of the 4-point diagonal tubes have Velcro sewn in as well, to secure the seam closed after installed around the tubes. Overall, it is a very nice piece that works very well at reducing noise from the trunk; it is almost as effective as the seat itself. Installation time is somewhere along the lines of 5-10 minutes! "


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