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What helmet do you use?

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Looking for a helmet for the track. Leaning towards an open face style, SA2010 approved helmet.
Just curious what you guys are using at the track?
I'm using a Bell M2. It's nice for the price but I liked my old Simpson Voyager better due to better sizing options. More money though.


Basically completely customizable for radios, cooling, fit--everything. And yes, they aint cheap but neither is your head!

spaceballs.png ;)

Please don't compromise on fit. The world wide webs of the world are a great place to buy stuff, but fit is critical. If there is someplace in your area that bothers to stock SA helmets, I endorse trying several brands and then buying from those nice local people, even if it costs you more money. Helmets fit people differently, because the helmets are shaped differently and so is your coconut. Someone's favorite pimpy helmet with all the latest bells and whistles might super-suck for you if it doesn't fit right. An inexpensive brand might actually be better for you.

That being said, I wear a Sparco and love it. I'll see if I can dig-up a photo later.
Tulsa, OK
GOT SVT said:
i use this one, can't beat the price

This is the helmet my fiance has. I use this one

Haven't had problems with either of them. Although they haven't been put to the test yet either ;)

I would also suggest purchasing a balaclava (head sock) and some gloves when you get a helmet.
I used this one, a Bell Sport:

It was a little more than the lowest priced helmets, but it fit my head much, much better.

I don't mind the closed face. It's safer, and this one has plenty of room for a microphone if you're doing HPDE with an instructor who's got one of those intercom things.

I'm happy I bought it.


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