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What is your beater ride?

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Just wondering if you guys have a "beater" that you drive when the weather is crap. I have a 2000 dodge avenger that I paid 500 bucks for. post some pics if you guys have them


I put zanio clear seal on the beater lol like I have said else where I like to detail cars
Here's my beaters. I've had the Falcon for 25 years, the Crew Cab for 13 years, and the buggy about 10 years but my brother owned it for about 10 years before that.



2006 BMW 330xi, nice winter car, great in snow, good on gas. Could use a little more attention but hey that's what happens when you get a new toy. I still love the car.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
BOSS1289 said:
That's pretty damn nice for $500!
well I bought it from a guy that I worked with he was moving and hadnt drove the car in 2 years. it was a little fixer upper. the wheels and tires were shot as were the shocks and brakes and battery and it was in dire need of a tune up. So being the gear head I am I didnt put OE stuff on it lol. I poured a little money in it. TSW wheels and tires, eibach springs and tokico 5-way shocks, ebc red stuff pads and rotors, weapon r intake, pulstar plugs and taylor wires. while I was at it I got the windows tinted. it didnt have a stereo in it when I bought it but it did have two 10" subs and infinity kappa speakers in the doors. so I hooked all the stuff back up. and I put a seat heater in it. it pulls down 28 city and 34 highway.
Wow you guys have "nice beaters". I just have a tan/goldish 07 toyota corolla ::). All stock, missing 1 hubcap. dirty as heck, sits outside and never gets washed. The kids have stained the seats with mud, puke, chocolate and god knows what else.. I find french fries and random toys in the seat cracks all the time. and they wonder why they arent allowed in the boss :eek:


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
'11 Audi Q5 - But don't tell my wife I consider her car the 'beater' vs. my '12 Silervado (a.k.a "The Mule") ;D


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
My biggest complaint about the Avenger is that it has the turning radius of a semi truck. u-turns and parking are its greatest enemies lol
See my avatar, E30 BMW track prepped. I am a set of nets and the front of the cage away from being Spec E30 legal. 888s are interesting in the wet, I might have a video somewhere of a 720 at the track the first time I hit a puddle :eek: It is a great street car, as you can drive it at redline all day long and still be at mostly legal speeds. We shall see whether it ever goes to the track again now that I have the Boss.

Also a Tundra extra cab for work.
The BOSS, Beater/Daily Driver and Track Car! I wouldn't have it any other way! Too much fun to drive and the kids drive all my other cars so I don't have much choice!

85 Mustang GT (5.0 GT40X aluminum Heads) - Kid
09 Cobalt - (Crashed/wrecked monthly) I don't even fix it anymore - Kid
08 Explorer - Wife
12 Boss - Me for now as my 13yr daughter has already proclaimed it her graduation gift in 2017

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