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Wheel Studs

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I just got these today and will be installing tomorrow night. Now understand I've had mine on and off a lot and 17 track days of torque on r-comp tires so was planning on doing this anyway, but I waited one track day too long. Fortunately it was in the paddock and not on turn 3 I had cracked a front rotor and was swapping on the spares and found I was just starting to cord the right front tire. So, I swapped those too. While torquing down the last lug on the left front it spun off. I guess it was time to quit!

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Good thing it didn't break on the track. Are the APR studs stronger than the stock ones? Are those the same ones used for the 302R BBS wheels?
5 DOT 0 said:
Good thing it didn't break on the track. Are the APR studs stronger than the stock ones? Are those the same ones used for the 302R BBS wheels?
Yep that's exactly what I said. Glad it happened in the paddock. As far as stronger, yes they are 190,000 psi, but I don't have the exact tensile strength for stock. The knurl on the front is 0.614 inches and the rears are 0.549 in. Here's the summary from the sell sheet:

Front wheel studs manufactured by ARP. Direct fit for 2005+ Mustang. •Direct press fit: no drilling necessary.
Benefits •Extended length allows use of wheel spacers
•Fits front hubs of 2005+ Mustang
•Stronger than stock
•Quick-start tip
•Plated for superior corrosion resistance

I think the 302R uses a 5/8" stud but I'm not 100% positive. I was told by Rehagen that the BBS wheel was designed for a 5/8" stud, but you can use it with the stock 1/2" studs if you get a special lug nut.
Actually, no. I noticed from the angle I took the photo that they look like they do stick out. When you look at the car, it looks like they fit like factory on the stock wheels. My friend had his 302S wheels on his and they do stick out quite a bit there due to the shape of the hub. I haven't put my Enkeis on with these studs yet, but I would guess they'll stick out as much as the 302S wheels. I'll try to get a photo from another angle that shows them better with the stock wheels.
iDrive said:
I did the fronts in May. What is the process you used to remove and install the rears?

A friend of mine has air tools in his garage so we just used an air hammer to pound them out and then air wrench with some washers to protect the hub to seat them. They all came out pretty easy with the exception of the front left. They weren't that bad, but more difficult than the others. I assume it was from all the additional load and heat on that wheel.
I need to get some these..... Add one more thing to the list. I really just should have gotten the 302s....

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