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Where can I buy rear caliper piston boots?

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Hey all,
So I'll start off by saying that I don't own a Boss, but a fairly modded 2012 GT and drive with Pete on occasion.
I' having a hard time finding dust boots for the rear calipers that we all have. I cooked mine pretty bad last season (I blame my choice of pad and my stupid traction control which now stays off) and am looking to replace these myself vs. buying 2 new calipers.

I went to )does a good job of having all the OEM parts), but confirmed with an online rep that they don't sell the boots separate from the caliper. Anyone able to find the boot alone? I see that Zeckhausen sells boots, but based on diameter (and they may be specific to brembo calipers, I'm not sure). Since so many people on the forum are hitting the track a lot, I figure some of you MUST have replaced this boot before.
I have tried finding boots in the past with no luck. Ford and the aftermarket only sold the complete caliper. Would be nice to be able to buy the parts seperate. I beleive the rear calipers are made by Kelsey Hayes. If one could get in touch with someone there, maybe they might sell the parts seperate?


Keep an eye on NTO parts and see if you can pick up a set of calipers for cheap.
Back when I bought some rotors from them, the rear calipers were pretty reasonable.
Or, a trusted ebay site may work for a full caliper if you can't find boots.
Look for a caliper rebuild kit, they'll be in there for sure.

Like this
Aha, well luckily other people in the world know how to use the internet. When I searched for this a few weeks ago I swear I couldn't find it. Nice! Thanks!
Rockauto has them, I bought them and replaced them, very easy job.
Take off old seal and install new, no disassembly required.
coolmac said:
Rockauto has them, I bought them and replaced them, very easy job.
Take off old seal and install new, no disassembly required.

did you replace piston seal or just the dust boot?
i still havent looked at the calipers, so dont know if mustang calipers are any different than other ones i've worked on. usually to replace the piston seal you need to pop the piston out.

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