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Where to buy blank rotors?

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Whats the cheapest place to get the stock blank front rotors? I'm guessing most of you guys use the blanks since they are cheaper. Do you guys run the actual Brembo ones or just generics?
You can buy Centric blanks which work fine or if you want OEM check the prices at Tousley Ford.
PeteInCT said:
Just use OEM, cheap and good steel.

One of the things that I have found is the pair of rotors must be from the same manufacturing batch the quality of the steel changes greatly from one batch to the next.Stay with the Ford units for the quailty and money.


Too Hot for the Boss!
I got Motorcraft replacements from Rock Auto ( Be sure to google for discounts... it's worth it:

Motorcraft Part Number BRRF6
$108.79 each
Once i start tracking the Boss, i'll be buying my rotors from here

I've bought all my corolla rotors from there, which i've used at the track. I usually go for the Premium blank rotors for the added rust protection.

Update: seems to be $180 for premium front blank rotors. i do want to mention that the veins/fins aren't directional, at least for the corolla they weren't.
are stock ford rotor veins/fins directional?

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