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Which tires?


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Well, the stock Pirelli P-zero Corsa tires are shot. They held pretty good but they also stared shredding to pieces. Like huge chunks of rubber coming off of them and the tread separating.

So, question is, what now? I like the look of a directional, but being able to rotate from side to side might be nice too. I was looking at the Michelins but I am unsure whether I should get the super sports or the PS2's?

What are you guys running and how do you like them. The only time these will see the track is at Charlotte in April, other than then I have dedicated race tires.
I have the Michelin PSS tires and highly recommend them for the street. They are supposed to be awesome in the rain but I can't confirm that. The new Yokohama AD08 R looks like it could be a better track tire. It's a new version and is worth checking into.

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I would 2nd the super sports. Have had them on the car for the last year. 5 or 6 track days plus some street driving. They are sticky and they wear like iron. Great all purpose tire. Yes they work well in the wet, live in Seattle!
PSS are certainly the best, but were out of the range I wanted to spend on tires I would abuse (and I could get most of the performance out of much cheaper tires), so this was my list:

- BFG Sport Comp 2 (what I eventually bought in 275/40r18 sqaure on 18x9.5" Nurburgrings)
Mickey Thompson Street Comp (come in stock staggered sizes, MT made them specifically for Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger)
- Nitto NT555
- Hankook Ventus V12 Evo (great in rain, dirt cheap, NOT recommended for track, they chunk up)

I went with the BFGs because they were a good price, not heavy, and had a wide contact patch width on 9.5" wheels compared to the others. I will be using them for AutoX/DD/HPDE and so far they have held up well to street and AutoX use.
Agree with WinterSucks.
BFG Comp2 is a very competent tire and is actually made with similar compound technology to the PSS (BFG is a division of Michelin). For lesser cost, the BFG still is a wonderful tire and is really progressive and predictable when traction loss begins. Given a specific budget, Comp2 might be a good bet. They are on the MMP Boss cars to boot.

That being said, I opted for going with PSS for this season. You can get it in the exact same size as stock, they are wonderful in the rain (many local amateur racers use PSS as their intermediate rain tire), and have a softer sidewall for more gentle break away characteristics. Ultimate grip is not super fantastic, but MotorTrend tested them against Starspec v2, NT05, Rival etc and it actually fell in the middle of the road for performance (which if you think about it, exceeds any expectations since this is a 300 tread wear tire).
Forgot to mention that I also agree with the Conti DWS that 93 LX picked, but maybe not for the Boss. I spent waaay too many hours investigating tire reviews, and the DWS came out on top for an all season tire for a sporty DD. I really like how they have the DWS lettering at different depths to indicate when it is no longer optimal for seasonal use (the S wears down), then the W will wear off to indicate rain performance will be diminished, then finally the D when it is time to say goodbye in a smokey farewell :). Really cool idea, I wish more brands did that. The DW is another good choice for summer, but it seems that many reviewers feel the DW and DWS are a little too soft in the sidewalls for heavier cars. I would definitely use the DWS on my Focus when I need replacements. And the V12 Evo for a fun and light non-tracking DD like a Fiesta with a B-spec suspension.

This has been asked many times before, maybe we should make a sticky with a Poll for ranking tires? Might help new guys make a quick decision.


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Michelin Pilot Supersports are a very good all purpose high performance tire. I won 1st place in my first wet weather Time Trial event at Summit Point last October. They felt great in all conditions from semi dry to full on raining. I also ran the at Watkins Glen for two days in the dry, back at Summit point for two days in November dry and finally at Lime Rock on a Saturday in the dry. They still have plenty of tread left but at Lime Rock they just weren't as grippy as they were. Total of 7 track days, totaling about 1050 miles. Have about another 2500 road miles on as well.
I went with Continental Extreme Contact DWS in size 255/45ZR18. I also have for winter TSW Nurburgring 18x9.5. If you want to see some pics and read the whole story, click here
I went with Continental Conti Sport 5p. Great tires. Went with a 285/30/19 up front and a 305/30/19 rear.

They are great tires tons of grip best tire I've owned.

if any one wants a pair of 295/30/19 I have a new set for sale for $500.

Fiddler49 said:
What size tires are you running on these? Looks like most sites recommend 275/40's but it seems 285/40's would work well.

I went with 295/35-18. I noticed (heard) a slight rub at a r/h full lock turn in reverse but as far as handling, I will need to reinstall the P-Zeros to do a proper road evaluation on our East TN back roads ;).


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Frank, where in east Tennessee are you? I live just north east of Chattanooga.

After hearing all the good reviews on the super sports I believe Thats the direction I'll go. Since these are just street tires, I'm looking for something Thats really going to last. My car doesn't even have 7000 miles on it yet & they are already toast. So these have to do better than that. Plus the super sports are cheaper than the ps2 so Thats always good.


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Michelin Super Pilot Sports on my LS now. Went with 265 up front and 295 in the back. Love them so far, great in the rain too. First track day coming up. These sizes are discontinued and I bought some of the last oh hand from Tire Rack. A bit pricey but worth it. They look great on the red LS rims. ;D

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johnrehder said:
Michelin Super Pilot Sports on my LS now. Went with 265 up front and 295 in the back. Love them so far, great in the rain too. First track day coming up. These sizes are discontinued and I bought some of the last oh hand from Tire Rack. A bit pricey but worth it. They look great on the red LS rims. ;D

My two cents, give them a couple laps to warm up. Then get up to speed. They need some warm up time and then for a street tire they are awesome. If you really push it they will give out some after 6 or so hot laps. But again for a street tire, nice. Have the same size as you on my 12 with LS rims.
There is a tire- test in the german "auto bild sportscars"- magazine, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport and the Continental Sport Contact 5P are getting best results on dry surface:

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