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Who do you use for shipping?

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I've got some wheels and tires and I've started checking on shipping for other members inquiring. For 1 tire/wheel, shipping from NC to CA was $69. I'm curious if there is a more cost effective way to ship these other than Fedex/UPS etc. (This is with my own account paying online.)

I had one member mention putting them on a pallet and shipping them through a freight company but most I don't think want to have to go to a shipping yard to pick things up.

Any input would be appreciated.

Greyhound was about $8 more per wheel. I checked with Southeastern freight dropping off a palet and the price was over $400.
i've had a set of kleemann wheels from my old c63 kicking around my shed and back yard for months now. pita selling wheels.
Seems there are several interested in the wheels I have. However, hard to find buyers within driving distance.

I don't get it, stores sale relatively cheap wheels with free shipping. Either shipping companies are sticking it too individuals or products are overpriced enough to absorb free shipping.

On top of that, if shipping is this expensive, I don't see how Amazon is in business. I get free 2 day shipping on anything I purchase from them no matter the size, weight etc. Heck i get it next day for $3.99.

Thought maybe there was an angle or something I'm missing.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Yeah I thought the same thing. My thought is ups/fed ex is losing so much money on all this free shipping they are sticking it to us little guys

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