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Will these 18x10.5 fit my Laguna Seca without body modification?

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The original BBS wheels were 9.5" wide. Those were discontinued a long time ago and yes only used ones are around now. The 10.5" wide ones came out after and were discontinued as well. Allegedly Kohr motorsports still has them made by BBS for them. I'm not sure if this is still a thing or not though. I've been trying to call them but they haven't picked up or answered their email from the contact form on their website. They are in Florida so I'm not sure if they are just out racing or if they got hit by the hurricane and are recovering.

Here is a link to the rims:
Yes they ( we) are very busy, besides the recent move from Michigan, and the hurricane, they have refocused on racing. I warned Dean that once they moved to Florida there was more racing than there were weekends. He's finding that is a true statement plus they are trying to add techs, fabricators and migrant workers ( like myself) to the race team. So yes they are very busy right now.

With regards to the BBS, and this is a casual observation, not written in stone, is that they run Forgelines on the dedicated hard-core (IMSA) stuff and some of the other series, their budget wheels seems to be Apex.. FWIW
I think I'm going to go with the Apex rims. I'm not a full time track racer by any stretch of the imagination and I will never be unless I somehow make enough money to retire before I'm too old to go racing several times a year.

But since you seem to be working with them, for curiosity, could you find out if those rims can actually still be ordered through them or if it is just something they need to remove from their web page when they have time to do a true up?

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