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Winterization - Sea Foam disaster

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I got the Boss winterized and ready for winter about a month ago. I filled up the tank to prevent moisture but also picked up a can of Seafoam to stabilize the gas. Well tonight I tried to pour the can in the tank and it poured out on the floor under the car. It looks like the shape of the can prevents the nozzle from reaching the gas chamber so the fluid poured through some slots built into the tank for safety.

I am going to pick up a small funnel tomorrow to get the remaining 2/3rds of the can in the tank but I am worried about the paint or other parts under the car. Any thoughts or advice on if I should try getting the car washed or if its fine to sit the rest of winter with residue from the sea foam on the under-body?

I live in MN so if I drive it I will get salt and crap all over the car which might not be any better--

same thing happened to me a month ago at the bp station as i tried to add stabil. Yes, you need a funnel, either large enough to push the release buttons on the each side to allow the gas flap to push inward or use a screw driver or something to pus against one release button while the funnel hits the other side.

Since i was at the gas station, i used some wet towels to wipe any areas best I could.
In the trunk by the air compressor there should be a small funnel so you can put additives into the tank. I personally would wipe down the areas with a wet cloth as best as you can but wouldn't worry about it to much.
There is actually a small white plastic funnel in the tire air compressor holder, under the trunk floor inside the tire well, for just this purpose. (I didn't realize it was even there until a fellow Boss owner pointed it out to me at a car show last summer.)
I'm surprised dealers aren't telling people about this. Mine did but then I also read through the owners manual, seems several people are having this issue.
I was at the track when I discovered this little trick. Couldn't get any of my funnels to work. Saw the little pic of the manual on the lip of the gas filler and thought, hmmm, must be there for a reason. You HAVE to use the Ford funnel in the trunk. It's shape triggers something so that the little flap will drop down.
Thanks for the help - I will check out the factory included funnel and give it a shot. Most likely I am going to fill up a spray bottle with water and try to rinse off the under body parts that got sea foam on them.
Next year, I would suggest you pour the stabilizer in the tank (using the little white funnel in the trunk), then fill it up with gas, and drive it a few miles before putting it away for the winter. This method not only mixes the stabilizer with the gas in the tank but the gas in the fuel lines is stabilized as well.


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You guys didn't pour through the user manual after you got the car?! I was all over that thing!!! I have to admit that when I first saw that there was no cap, I was skeptical. NOW, both the Boss and the Focus ST have them.

Funny how good of a job that the car manufacturers have done keeping the basics the same enough that we can just climb in and drive yet when they add a feature like the capless tank, even us car guys can't figure it out without the manual!!! Can you imaging what would happen if a regular person ran out of gas and tried to fill it with a can?!?!

It is intriguing though that a regular funnel doesn't work. I wouldn't have expected that even though I read the manual. WOW! Don't loose that little white funnel in the trunk! I will have to check that out and determine what it is about the shape.

Fomoco302 said:
I put a locking cap on mine. The thieves and hoodlums seem to always figure out a way around new technology.

Just thought, if you ever have that issue where you are and own a diesel you should debadge/rebadge it as a gas car, thought would really teach them.

Grant 302

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And with practice, I can now fill from a metal 5 gal. can without spilling a drop. I keep thinking that I need to pickup a spare one...I'd be S.O.L. if I lost the OEM funnel at the track.
cosm3os said:
Good point, that's where I discovered the issue.
There are aftermarket funnels out there that will fit. I picked up a funnel with a felexiable spout and it worked just fine. I also use a peice of 3/4 PVC pipe which fits like a glove and stuck a small funnel into the PVC to add my winterization fulid. As long as both ears on the filler neck get depressed the gas flap will open.

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