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2013 Hood Vents

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As I just got my car yesterday and it was looking like rain I started to wonder how the hood vents handle if you are parked, or driving in the rain. I know that there is molding under the vents to try to run some of the water away but want to know how much water is getting into the engine compartment and could this cause any damage. It looks like the battery is pretty close to the opening. Is this going to cause problems down the road?

I know I have seen another forum where someone was getting water into the CAI filter box on aftermarket intakes such as Airaid. Looks like a good reason to keep the sealed air box. Thoughts on the K&N drop in filter?

I unfortunately don't have a garage as I live in a condo. I am parked in someone's covered spot for now, at least until my car cover comes in. I was curious if any 13 owners had any experience with this.
06GT to 13LS said:
Thanks for the totally non descript answer from a non 2013 owner.
FWIW I have the Tiger Racing hood where the vent openings appear to be easily double that of the 2013 and I run it through the automatic car wash at least once a week. All of the electronics are sealed well. I have a K&N drop in filter too. I think that's what Drew is trying to say. ;D
JeffIsHereToo said:
Ford would not put these vents in all these cars unless they tested it up the wazoo. Simple as that.
While that makes intuitive sense, it does not explain overheating a RCWALP on the track, P0300 codes for random misfires that aren't really misfires and Pirelli PZero Corsas delaminating. Those items were all tested extensively and had they been uncovered, the cars wouldn't have shipped. There are always issues that still show up despite preproduction testing. So, not really as simple as that ;)


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
+1, especially on those damn $600+ Corsas ! ;D

(PS: They tested the engine wire harnesses too I assume ::) )
PeteInCT said:
+1, especially on those damn $600+ Corsas ! ;D

(PS: They tested the engine wire harnesses too I assume ::) )

Right along with the "I can't find 3rd Gear" OEM Shifter and those pesky little connecting rod bearings...

Next time, have Ford let me test the car out here in the middle of Kansas in the heat of the Summer...
when picking mine up i was forced into some forrest gump style rain. the stuff you see that goes up, down sideways ect....had no issues at all with mine. in fact i got to thinking about it and i swear that there wasnt any water that made it to the engine..from what i could tell when i later opened the hood
With the angle of the vents and the fact that they vent air OUT from under the hood, I would doubt that any water makes its way to the engine compartment while moving. On the other hand, I do get water, but not much, on the engine when washing the car. Mine's garage kept so I don't worry about long term water.
Im glad they put the Hood vents in, cause this engine gets HOT, even with just normal driving, you almost cannot raise the hood right after driving it its so hot...

But I agree, the way the Hood vents are designed, I don't think there is much chance of water getting in the engine bay at least through the vents. I guess if it was a downpour you might get some, but I don't see much getting in there...

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