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A whine from the rear of the car.

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I noticed just this week as I was pulling into my driveway I could hear a whine coming from the rear of the car. It does it when you make slower right or left turns but more noticable when turning right. It's not a gear whine it's something else. More like the clutch packs are whining or someting like that. My Boss has the limited slip and not the torsen. Does anyone else have this noise or have any ideas what it could be?
i have the same noise as well and have the regular rear end. i dont believe its a big deal. read about it on a earlier post


Yes, it's the clutches........they are carbon fiber with a heavier duty spring.........Mine is more of a whoop noise.........abosolutly normal........goes away when you straighten right?........dont change the gear oil for that reason, the carbon clutches don't need the old whale oil additive.
CaliMR said:
I thought the standard diff needed the additive, and the Torsen didn't. IIRC the additive is to reduce the noise.
This is correct.

There's no harm in adding the friction modifier with the Torsen if the noise bothers you. The friction modifier is required with the non-Torsen diff.

OP I think the noise is normal. If you think something is wrong take it to a dealer.
I thought it may be the clutch packs. The car only has 2400 kms on it, which is 1600 miles. I am wondering why it took 2400 kms for it to show up. I'm going to have the dealer take a look at it just to be on the safe side. Thanks for the help.

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