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An interesting find

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For those of you who are into trying to keep the engine and intake charge cooler I found today while doing a tear down on my lacuna prepping for a power adder install that there are two cosmetic barriers installed under the factory intake.

It's a wall made of the same material which is a dense foam. The walls are there for cosmetic reasons and are about two to three inches thick. I removed them as these things can only trap heat between the lower intake area the runners leading to the heads and the valley area of the motor.

I Found that removing these makes the engine better looking too. Intakes showing the longer and tall tunnel ram styling now..

Hope some one can prove that it might help keep some temps lower. Or at least keep the temps lower a little bit longer.

I can't seen any way that removing them would hurt

pics can be taken but I can not post them.



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You wouldn't happen to have a picture that you can post?? I'm a little unclear as to where this foam is located. Is this something directly under the factory airbox?? Perhaps acting like insulation like you describe....or perhaps a soft buffer between the metal and the plastic.
There are photos of this elsewhere on BMO and if you can find photos of a 302S engine they have them removed. I don't think it's a big deal one way or another and they are there to supress some engine noise. Here's a cut away showing the panels removed. Certainly removing them won't hurt but it's not a big deal.

They are the two pieces of the dense black rubber material . One is on the front of the block below the intake and one at the rear near the firewall. They are for engine noise abatement. I removed both of them and installed a foil covered heat insulating shield 18"x24" up hard against the bottom of the intake to keep as much radiant heat off of the intake down runners that feed into the heads.
that would be it. the pic has it not there.
i am also going to try my best at using a thermal barrier to keep the heat out of the intake charge..

ill let you know later if there is any added noise, but since the twins are being bolted on it might not be accurate .



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Personally, i do not think it was a cosmetic feature...insted I believe it was there for two reasons. One as a heat transfer device. Something to help insulate the lower intake runners from the heat of the engine. And two, a sound deadening material that would help deaden the engine noise, for quieter running, especially at high engine RPM.

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