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(Another) Tiger Hood Install

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captdistraction said:
and of course its in walking distance to Autoclub Speedway, lol.
I'm glad you finally decided to join us. ;) You should post up some photos of your car so Ken can see what you did with your GT. Is you car back on the road?


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
The Capt. ^^^ and I installed the Roush Trak Pak kit on my car today. Dropped it an inch in the front and 1.5" in the rear. Could go lower but not necessary. Also installed FRPP LCAs and relo brackets and adjustable PHB.

Brake dive and body roll are gone. Can't wait to get it on the track again in September!



Owner of #2611 CO
So I am the new owner of a Tiger Racing hood. Its at the shop now getting prepped and painted. Problem is...the guy at the shop has me all paranoid on the set of steeda hood pins I purchased for the corners of the hood (same as the 302s). I went in to see what he was talking about and I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with the aluminum hood guard. Seemed pretty cheesy. Also...he was nervous about the length of the screws being used to secure it to the hood. He seems to think they might not be enough. Is that all that holds it in place? As I look at them, I am thinking I might prefer to go with a Black hood pin instead of chrome/aluminum. Anyone else go that route and could point me in the right direction? Also...where did you mount the pin on the radiator bracket? He was eyeing up the hole where the rubber bumper is set but would require him to remove the head lights and bumper. It did seem to be and ideal spot. But this hood is starting to cost me a small fortune and I am losing my patience quickly. Thanks for the help.
I also, have a Tiger hood on my 2012 Boss. Looks really good, but I have to say the hood prop rod don't really fit into the slot on the hood at all... I also used the Steeda hood pins on it along with the factory hood latch. I put my hood pins on the inside two bumpstops for the hood. There are two inter and outer rubber bumpstops for the hood.. I just thought the two inter ones would look better and also, be out of the way of the whole headlight assembly... Also, I have a LS spoiler on it... It looks a lot better now, should have been factory on all the bosses instead of just the LS's...
I have not noticed any flex in my hood, ive had it on the track once and at and above highway speeds often with no problems. My hood latch also did not fit, i used a dremmel and widened the hole a little and now it fits perfect!!

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