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Anybody try these coil packs?

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Anybody try these? If so did it make a difference or was it a waste of money? They are saying 10hp/tq peak increase and about 5hp average. Thoughts?


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roadhouse said:
I have always been told to use factory ford coil packs and stay away from other brands... No experience with it though.

Same here. All that I've read says that any HP increase is a sham. Not sure how they could get away with it in advertising. My general thought is that if you could get ANY HP increase by using these or any 3'rd party coil pack over stock - we all would have them already....



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I asked my buddy who runs coyote stock and they tested all three brands out for the new mustangs. No gains from accel were found. He said msd's gained a few hp and the car pulled smoother and idled better. Said granatelli coils were worth power but not as smooth and his racing buddies go through a lot of them. I'm waiting to see if weapon x comes out with some. They are worth the money as they eliminate the spring coil and attach the coil output directly to the plug. My brother has been running them for a few years on his 05 gt and he picked up 3 tenths at the track and it idles very very smooth now and he picked up a little on mpg.

If weapon x doesn't come out with some soon I'm going to give msd's a shot coupled with Briske plugs.
Thanks for the info. I thought 10hp increase seemed high for a set coil packs. I could see 2-3 but my BS detector went off so I thought I'd post the question.


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When you see the words "up to" you know they are saying its possible. You know if you had a failing coil and swapped them...
On boosted cars more spark energy usually does lead to size able gains

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