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Can You ID These Ford Gen 1 Coyote Cams?

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I just tore down a complete 2012 Mustang GT Coyote I'm using as a core for a Track Duty only build. My understanding is the MGT Intake Cams are the same as the Boss Intake Cams, part numbers BR3E-6A271-EA and BR3E-6A270-EA. One of my options for this build would be to use the existing Intake Cams and add Boss or similar Exhaust Cams. When I opened up he engine here are the Cam part numbers I found:


I Googled the part numbers hoping to identify them but had no such luck.

Can anyone ID what these Cams are?

Just an FYI, the numbers engraved/printed on the cams are engineering part numbers (the "E" in BR3E"; sometimes the they match the service part number but not in this case.
Those numbers indicate GT parts. Fordparts does show the intake cams are the same on the Boss, with the exhaust cams being FR3-6250-C/D. Hopefully those intakes are in good condition as they show $815.00 MSRP. EACH.


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They don't have the "-DB" suffix, but Rock Auto lists those cam part numbers in the description of their rebuilt heads for 2011-2014 5.0 heads (non-Boss). I have no idea how accurate that is.
The year suffix in the part number is the model year for when the new part goes into service. B = 2011. So a standard GT in 2012 will have BR3 cams from 2011 since the design didn't change. When the Boss came out with the different camshafts for the 2012 Model Year, the new parts started with CR3 to correspond to the 2012 suffix. They likely made some small tweaks for the 2015 Model Year and the new Gen 2 engine (as we know, carrying over a lot of Roadrunner components), which is why the replacement part number shows as FR3. So like others said, probably just bog standard GT cams.

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