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Anyone Modded and Tuned Their Focus ST?

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Check us out on the Focus parts and if you have any questions at all just let us know.
We are adding more and more parts so if you don't see something you want just let us know.
I have had a st with steeda tune flowmaster exhaust and cobb was a blast to drive and really moved out well...reliability was not an issue.


Theory of 1
I actually have an ST for daily duty. I can't speak for all available programming out there but Randy at FSWERKS has his stuff together. If you get a tuner/programmer through them its free tunes, including custom tuning, and absolutely fantastic customer service.

Now as far as performance goodies there are plenty of options. Personally speaking hardware wise I would take a good look at Mountune. Originally based in the UK they are developing a branch here in the States. In the UK/Europe they are a Ford friendly/certified/backed company and have a great racing history with Ford and its turbo 4 bangers. Ford to my knowledge actually accepts parts and tunes as well (don't quote on the tunes its really early in the morning and I can't recall 100%) as Ford warranted stuff. I am planning on upgrading to their intercooler down the road. Unlike a lot of competitors it does not require drilling of that front bumper bar, which is a huge plus.

If you have any ST questions ask away! I will attempt to answer them to the best of my abilities.

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