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I had my 2012 LS out for an friday night cruise, come Saturday the car was dead. head lights were off, when i jumped the car I tested the battery and the alternator and it was reading 14 amps. As soon as i shut off the car and went to restart it, all i got was starter noise. Is it that my battery is cooked? as the car only has 1000 miles. Or am i looking at something else?
Haven't heard of any battery issues, do you have a battery charger you can hook it up to and charge it over a day to see if it keeps charge after that?
I put a battery tender on it for 2 days when to try it this morning and same result dead! To new of a battery not to hold a charge!
Sounds like a bad connection on 1 of the terminals,take them off and clean them and charge the battery without the terminals on see what that does.Could be a bad battery also.
My battery went completely dead at 15K miles on my 2012. Pulled the battery and took it to the dealer but was told they had to test it in the car to be covered under warranty. Told them that I would not tow the car so they gave me a new battery to take home to install in the car so that I could come back to test the charging system. Played the warranty game and finally got my battery replaced. Painful.


pop the caps..........they will come off.............see if it has any water..........if its dry add distilled worth a look, but if your still under warranty just get a new battery........that is if your terminals are clean like is suggested above.
Whats weird is that my radio is not working my boost gauge is not working ( as i have a supercharger) Ive tried to charge it and it seem that its not accepting the charge. I call ford today and told them what was going on, they said to bring it in ( really) Ford said that some of the gauges may not work because the battery completes the circuit any truth to that statement? Why wouldn't the alternator pick up that slack? Anyway flat bedding the car on Tuesday.


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Did you try swapping the battery? Low mileage but age may mean the battery plates are sulfated due to lack of use and is permanently dead. Do you store in a cold garage during the winter? Was the battery tender hooked up all the down time.? The car uses a lot of battery just sitting in the garage for security system and if not maintained the battery will go flat on you. With the gauge problem something else may be going on with wiring but I would swap the battery, cheaper than a service diagnosis and seems like you need one anyway.
Good luck.

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