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Blue/White from the LA Auto Show

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I have to say that this combo was my last pick but it looks damn good in this video!
It does look good, I'd prefer silver for the roof and stripes. It would blend in better but then it would not match the '69 heritage.

I noticed the red key mentioned in the video as an option. Option? Unless it is part of the Accessory Package.
I posted this up and then had a chance to see this car in person. I think kona will be a good option for those that want a more subdued look as it is a very nice color. It does not have the visual impact of the competition orange which I'm sure some will appreciate. I can see some of these with a stripe/hood delete and black vinyl wrap on the roof looking real good for those that just want the performance but don't want to shout BOSS 302 to the world.
I should have read all the threads before wondering about the red key. From the press release forum:

"... TracKey powertrain software installation and key programming will be available to 2012 Mustang Boss 302 owners through Ford Racing authorized dealers. Pricing will be announced at a later date."
Ford's explanation hasn't been totally clear. I think that one of the two keys supplied with the car will have the red insert. Post purchase you will go to the dealer and have the flash installed which will be accessed via the red key you already have.
That's the one I ordered as I prefer a more stealth look. I'd prefer the roof to be blue and may just paint it after it arrives.

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