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Boss 302...Kitty Killer

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I have a slightly morbid and disturbing story to share...but i found it slightly comical. I am sorry if this is offensive to anyone

about four days ago I got my car back from the dealer (getting work done)I got home and I left the car parked outside as I was going to wash it. That evening I started up my car and heard a slight thud, I didn't really think anything of it and pulled it in the garage. About two days ago my (vey good looking) neighbor came over and asked if I had seen her cat by any chance. I told her that no i had not but I would keep an eye out for it. She then complimented me on my car and we got to talking and decided we would go get some drinks that night. Driving home that night we turned on the heat and noticed this nasty rotting smell. Figured road kill or something. All and all we had a nice evening.

Today I noticed my garage smelled horrid and there were flies all over the hood of my i opened the hood to investigate...I look and i see a cat paw sticking out from under the lower drive pulley.....look some more and see that a cat had crawled in-between the bottom of the motor and that plastic cowling that covers the underside of the motor.......along with cat entrails splattered all to hell and back.

I now see that this cat matches the description of my neighbors cat.....pretty sure a second date is going to be out of the question....

I have included an image of the Paw that we shall call exhibit A:
Sad, but sorta funny, now. My mother sanctioned our Siamese cat when I was a little kid by the same method. Only it was a 1963 American Rambler that was the weapon. You should view this as a god-given oportunity to go buy the cutest kitten you can find and make another visit to your neighbor. You never know.... ;)
I spent a few days one summer wondering what the horrible smell was coming from under the hood of my Ford Escape. A squirrel had done pretty much what your kitty did. The extrication was horrible. I wont get into the details.
This is going to be some conversation with your neighbor! Looks like a second date is indeed iffy.
Do what any guy would do: don't tell her and go for another date!
Do what any guy would do: don't tell her and go for another date!

Actually, go over and present her with a bill for cleaning up your Boss, and the tail from her morted kitty. Then ask her out.

Darwinism rules! Haaaarrrr!!!
? Mustangnic...did you wash the boss and not pop the hood.. Ya, and noises, lesson... always pop hood after wash..
Next wash when she comes over and she will, it's the Boss, ask her out, ask about her cat, her cat is alive, the one you found was dead, different cats.
This happens a lot more often than you would imagine.

True story: Way back in the dark ages, around 1980, a guy in the town I was living had a genuine, mint 1970 Shelby GT500 in his driveway for sale...for $6000. I didn't have $6000, but I had a fairly ratty '70 Mach I with a 428 SCJ, and I wanted to see what a '70 Shelby that was NOT ratted out would be like, so I swung by one evening and knocked on the door. The guy came out, he saw my Mach I, and we started chatting. I acted interested in the Shelby, because I really wanted to drive it. He handed me the keys, I jumped in, he jumped in the passenger seat, and I fired it up.

You know what happened next. Yes, the guy's cat was under the hood when I cranked the starter. No, I have never driven a '70 Shelby GT500.
I never had the happen to me but have heard stories from others. One time I did have a stray cat crawl up and sit on top of the rear axle pumpkin and wouldn't come out. I kept trying to grab him but no luck. Finally I said to hell with it and drove off because I was late for work. I kept hearing "meow" for several blocks until it eventually stopped. He hung on for quite a while! :D I didn't see him jump out or a body but I think he made it. ;)
dabossinne said:
Actually, go over and present her with a bill for cleaning up your Boss, and the tail from her morted kitty. Then ask her out.

Darwinism rules! Haaaarrrr!!!

LOL. Man I hate cats with a passion. That would suck to clean out tho man.
Take her out for the 2nd date, if it ends bad, show photos of the entrails and give her the bill for the clean up.

Or be a gentleman and never mention this...ever!

Any updates?

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