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Boss 302 not produced by Ford??

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While driving my car through construction zone a car passed and cut in front of me causing rocks to chip paint and crack the windshield. I now have the car at my Ford dealership for the repair.

Insurance and dealership agreed to replaced everything. This includes the front spoiler, grille, hood and both side stripes, headlights, and mirror covers. The issue I am having is the Ford dealership can not find the parts for a 302 through Ford. They even spoke with the regional Ford rep who has said the Boss 302 built the same as a Shelby or Roush. The base GT is built by Ford, then modded by another shop. They can not find the shop to get the parts. They also said they can not get the parts through Ford. They have ordered the parts through American Muscle because they advertise that the parts are the same as the original Boss 302 parts.

I have a hard time believing this is true, but no one can get the replacement parts through Ford either. I would appreciate any help in getting the Ford part numbers so I can get original replacements. I think all the front is California Special parts except for the grille, front spoiler, and stripes which are specific to the Boss 302.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Hi Jon and welcome to BMO. That's total BS the cars are made and finished on the same assembly line as the GT. They do go to another part of the Auto Alliance plant for some finishing touches but it's well documented they are completely made at the AA plant.

BTW where are you located?


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Sounds like the parts guy needs to find a new line of work, or perhaps see if they need help on the sales floor.
Located in Lawrence, Kansas.

I told the dealership the car is produced at the Ford factory as a Boss 302. That is when they spoke their local field rep and was told otherwise.

I just want to get the original parts. I am keeping the original parts they are taking off (no real damage in my opinion, just need to buff a few scratches).

Contact Benny at Levittown ford. 877-460-9497 or go to his website Hes pretty good and should be able to get you those part numbers.
Thank you all for the assistance. I am now giving the original part numbers to them and hopefully they can also inform the regional rep as well.

I think all the parts are shown along with the part numbers on the ford parts website, just enter your Vin number and away you go


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
I'd like the hear the orig parts guys explanation of not being able to find 'factory Ford parts' for your Boss. It's the most basic of things, it's like being a brick layer that can't find bricks...
I know when I had my 2008 Bullitt some specific parts were one-time runs and once they were used up, you could no longer get them. You will probably run into this in another few years with parts for the Bosses, but I would think everything is still available right now.
You can't trust the parts counter guy for shiznit. I went to mine a couple days ago and asked for some front rotors for a GT500. He said, "we only have them for the GT. Theres also the SHELBY GT500." I said yeah they're the same thing. Moron. Where do the dealerships find these people?
You're being fed a line of BS. Bosses are built on the regular Mustang production line at Ford's Flatrock Assembly plant.

Parts are readily available. In September I had to replace nearly the entire front end of my Boss after a trailer loading mishap nearly ripped the bumper cover clean off the car. Other than the splitter, upper and lower grills, wheel well liners, and foam bumper beam, everything else had to be replaced (fortunately all plastic parts... no metal damage).

Got three estimates from three local body shops (none of them a dealer). All three shops had no problems getting part #s and price quotes on all the requisite parts from a local Ford dealer parts dept, and the shop that did the work (and who did a superb job, I might add) had no problem sourcing all the correct OEM parts.
I work for Farmers insurance and we use CCC One estimating system. In the system it asks for GT or Boss 302 when looking at a 2012 or 13 Mustang. And there are OEM part prices in there along with parts.
Unfortunately, most of us have to always doubt what dealerships tell us.
I've met so many ignorant people that work at dealerships; they have no clue of the products they are selling, and supposedly it is their job to know.

I went to three different dealers asking about warranty body repair work, and i got three different answers. only one was familiar with the correct procedure. similar story with track key... one dealer even said it makes the car track use only and not street legal.

I think you just got unlucky and got a chain of people that don't know what they're doing. your best bet would be to keep asking questions and for new people until you get to speak to the right person. good luck!
All parts ordered yesterday after receiving help from all you guys. I have been hearing the run around for a week and finally decided to just ask those who would know. Sure enough, things resolved in a motter of a few hours. New parts are on their way. The stripe kit from American muscle is not even close; single stripe.

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