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BOSS Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since we are lucky enough to have the guys directly from Miller here as site members we will keep this post updated with any new info or dates as they become available. Look at the next post for dates.

If you are new take you time to read this thread, it should be able to give you a better idea of how to prepare for your trip, what you will learn and answer question like should i go for just one day or take the extra day.

As always feel free to ask any questions here or contact Bryan from MMP directly, he is more then helpful and I know he wants everyone to have the best possible experience at Track Attack.

My apologies for the mass email, but everyone getting this are those Rob Nish has been communicating with regarding the Boss Track Attack…yes, Ford has finally allowed us to begin scheduling these! I'll be taking care of getting you registered, and would like to get started with this email. On the attachment you will find dates that have been reserved and pricing for the event including options. Now is the time to determine whether you want to take advantage of the additional guests and day on track.

Please reply via email and allow me to call you to discuss your needs. Most important is anyone doing a single day should book their event on the final day of each 3-day program. (Example…the first school is August 8-10. Two day clients should request August 8-9, one day clients August 10.) You will likely have some questions regarding the program and pricing, but I'll cover them in my follow-up call. I'll be contacting those who need to fill the early schools first in order to best fulfill the schedule, I may take a day or two to contact you.

In your email please indicate:

Top two choices for attending (top three if you are that flexible)

Number of drivers attending

Planning on 1 or 2 days

We'll sort out the remaining details in my follow up call.I look forward to helping you with this wonderful experience!


Bryan Samuels
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They've released the new 2012 dates and info

Boss Track Attack


Hey guys...I've been absent due to working through the 2012 Track Attack dates, but I'm starting to get caught up. Needless to say there is pent up demand. Here is how the calendar looks currently:

9, 10, 11
16, 17, 18

2, 3, 4
14, 15, 16

4, 5, 6
18, 19, 20

16, 17, 18
23, 24, 25

13, 14, 15
27, 28, 29

5, 6, 7
26, 27, 28

10, 11, 12
17, 18, 19

Just five days in and the five days in red are sold out...

If you are fence sitting it's time to get off! Call me...801.836.0123 Bryan

How to Register
[email protected]
Phone: 801.836.0123

In order to register, I will need to collect the VIN, name and location of dealership that the car was purchased from and the delivery date that the buyer received the car.

Who Can Register (Ford "A-Plan")
Any new Boss 302 buyer who has paid for and taken delivery of the car. Buyer can send someone else in their place.

List of eligible participants who can attend BTA in place of the buyer:
Members of the immediate family of the buyer. "Immediate family" means the following relatives of the buyer:
Spouse's parents
Spouse's grandparents
Sons and daughters (including in-laws and step-children)
Brothers and sisters (including in-laws, half and step)
Same-sex domestic partners of active eligible employees
Immediate family members of eligible same-sex domestic partners

Optional Upgrades

Boss owners/drivers will receive a Boss Track Attack "grad pack." Driving guests attending just one day will receive a one-day Ford Racing High Performance Driving School "grad pack." Boss owners/driver who upgrade to a second day of driving will also receive a two-day Ford Racing High Performance Driving School "grad pack." Driving guests who attend both the first and second say will receive a two-day Ford Racing High Performance Driving School "grad pack."

Welcome Reception
Evening before each drive day at 6pm in the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Auto Museum at MMP.

The evening before the track day, owners will be treated to a welcome reception and dinner at the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Auto Museum. Following dinner, you'll get to "peak behind the curtain" as a Ford representative guides an in-depth immersion into both the non-product and product stories of the Boss 302, focusing on how the program came to be and the underlying engineering and design philosophy. The evening will also feature a tour of the museum, home to Larry Miller's world-renowned collection of automobiles, artwork and memorabilia and the Boss 302 display.

Drive Day
7:30: Check In
8am: Classroom Session
Steering and Hand Position
Cornering Theory (Turn in, apex and track out)
Braking and downshifting (heel/toe)
Vehicle dynamics (understeer, oversteer, weight transfer)
Braking and downshifting (practice heel and toe)
Cornering (practice lines through corners in a lead and follow)
Vehicle dynamics (skid car)
Classroom Session
Rules of the road
Putting it all together
Lead and Follow
Track Sessions (with instructor ride along)
Hot Laps (ride with an instructor)
5pm: Finish

Host Hotel
Radisson Hotel Airport- 2177 West North Temple SLC UT 84116 Hotel: (801)364-5800
MMP rate $99

Info from Ford document sent to all dealers dated April 4, 2011:

Purchasers of the Boss 302 Mustang have an option to upgrade their vehicles performance by purchasing "TracKey" for $302 plus dealer labor after they take delivery of their car (post title transfer to consumer), a chance to attend the Ford Racing "Track Attack" Boss Driving School at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele Utah, and will receive a Boss Owners Kit.
Basic information on these programs is detailed below. Attached you will also find a Hero Card explaining "Track Attack" and "TracKey" programs that include URLS for websites you or the customers can go to for more information on these programs.
1. "Boss Track Attack" Boss 302 Ford Racing Performance Driving Experience - Buyers of Ford's highly anticipated Mustang Boss 302 get a high performance hands-on track driving experience to learn just what their car is capable of as part of the new complimentary Boss Track Attack program. Ford picks up the cost of the 1 ½ day experience including meals. The customer is responsible for transportation and lodging.
2. Boss Owners Communication- Purchasers will receive a Boss Owners Kit. These kits will be shipped directly to owners by Ford Racing beginning in July 2011.
3. TracKey- (After transfer of title to the consumer) Consumer has the opportunity to have "TracKey" Powertrain Control Module software installed at your dealership. This software is only available to Boss Owners after the consumer purchases their vehicle. This software should be available for installation late summer of this year. Log on to for further information. You can also call the Ford Racing Performance Group Hotline at 1-(800) 367-3788.

Thanks Jason for this as I could not get the copy and paste to work.
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the info Scott, Im considering the early August actually, it makes mention of an upgrade to 2 two day package,
I have two questions:
whats the cost :)
what do you get more just one more day on track I imagine but do you get the same schooling learned on day 1 or an advanced school?
thanks Rom
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks 5 DOT 0 , hmm tough decision, once in a lifetime experience, but wow $1000 is also an eye opener ^^
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My registration is in for MPH in September... getting to Utah is easy, going home and passing the second day, hard decision. I want to find out more about the prepped GT. Is a thousand dollars a fair price for the additional experience?
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 DOT 0 said:
rom said:
thanks for the info Scott, Im considering the early August actually, it makes mention of an upgrade to 2 two day package,
I have two questions:
whats the cost :)
what do you get more just one more day on track I imagine but do you get the same schooling learned on day 1 or an advanced school?
thanks Rom
$1,000 to drive a track prepped GT and $1,400 to drive a FR500C.

$ 1,000 is a little high when skip barber does a 2 day at limerock for $995.

I'm going in september or October. Too much work in august
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ArizonaGT said:
Due to budget constraints allocated to other track days (and spending too much in Monaco) I'm going to put mine off until next year.
I may have to do that as well. Do you think there will be any problems or issues with going in 2012 if we took delivery on our car in 2011?


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jimprw said:
I may have to do that as well. Do you think there will be any problems or issues with going in 2012 if we took delivery on our car in 2011?

I didn't ask that question specifically, but from what my contact at Miller says, it shouldn't be a problem.
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's some info I got from Bryan at MMP. I sent him a link to this thread and he might join and answer questions for us.

To start they have 8 Boss 302’s and only six will be used for the class. They have two more on order and will move to eight students when they arrive. They will rotate classes each day between their East then West then East courses over each three day schedule. Subject to change or errors on my part. ;D

1st Day
· One hour in the classroom.

· Split into two groups 3 go to heal/toe exercises and 3 go to the skid pad. Afterwards you switch groups.

· Lunch

· 1st lapping session is follow the instructor on the race line

· 2nd and 3rd sessions are with an instructor in the car or by yourself.

· Hot laps as a passenger with an instructor driving.

2nd Day
· Four lapping sessions with class/instruction in between.

· Instructors will ride with you as needed. I thought the FR500’s only had one seat so maybe I have this wrong.

· Said they expect Boss to be about as fast as the FR500 cars. GT cars are much slower than the Boss.

The Grad Pack consists of the usual stuff including t-shirts, hats, other memorabilia and some sort of metal trophy or plaque that will go with the car.
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan has been busy since this was announced but if you have questions you can contact him at

801 836 0123

He said he will try to come in here for questions also.

***I did not realize the number was the same as posted earlier***
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No need to bring your helmet they have them and a suit for us, no special requirement on clothing. They do not have GoPro's so bring your own.

Boss Bry @ MMP

It's not a Boss but you gotta love it...
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Boss fans...the email announcement posted earlier in this thread came from me. I heard today it was posted so I thought I may as well come in and introduce myself. Been a Ford fan my entire life, currently driving a restored '79 F-250 Supercab 4x4, a '55 Crown Vic street machine and I keep a '66 GT350 that has been a vintage racer since '69 here at the track. (I drive a Porsche Cayman S as a driver...don't hold it against me...)


A certified car geek needs a car job, so I'm happily at MMP selling schools and corporate events. As most of you will see when you arrive we do everything here...Yamaha Champions Riding School, Ford Racing High Performance Driving School, karting, slickrock Jeeping school, and the latest addition...Wide Open Excursions featuring Baja 1000 race cars. Oh yeah, and a little project called Boss Track Attack!


Feel free to contact me with your needs regarding the program and share my contact info with others as needed. Ford is making this extremely affordable for the Boss owners, and the guest drivers won't have a less expensive school alternative anywhere, let alone at a facility on par with MMP. Lastly, there is a $50mm collection of Fords, Shelby's, Cobra's and GT40''s automotive nirvana for anyone who bleeds Ford Blue.

I look forward to hearing from y'all!
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you're on board and getting things started. Still about 3 weeks before my Boss arrives so I probably won't be there earlier than October. How different is the track during late fall and winter compared to summer? I live in south texas and need to decide if a school on a cold track will work or if I need to wait till next summer.
Re: Track Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok ,all signed up for the August 28,29 Boss Attack school.I am going to be out at Miller teaching For the Ford GT owners group .So I figured I might as well stay a few more days.Anyone joining me?
Should be especially fun the 2nd day.

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