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Boss vs. 2014 Z28

He was wide at the apex and ran out of room. He then put a touch more steering input and at WOT that's all it took. Go back and look again and then notice where I'm at relative to the apex cone.

car placement is really important there. yours was very good. the Z28's was way off....kinda surprising given what I'd seen in the rest of the video where car his / her car placement was pretty good.

if you follow the contour of the landscape there at t-hill (Micky at Chuckwalla really helped me to understand this view of tracks since he was so instrumental in building Chuckwalla) it's generally sloping down from west to east. I always look for water drainage areas around a track when I'm somewhere new to help orient on this...but at thill it's pretty obvious. and that section of the track always feels a little more off camber that it looks to the eye if you just look at the track surface. I think people tend to get caught out there as a result. if you get offline and wide there you've got to be really careful about tightening it back up because I think it's, effectively, got quite a bit less camber than most people think.

Have to agree with you. I rented a Camaro SS while in Salt Lake for BTA. Visibility is terrible in any Camaro!!!

The simple task of backing out of a diagonal parking spot is stressful. You cannot see to the rear and or off the rear quarters.


That being said, I'd gladly take a Z28 if it were cheaper! Lol;)

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